What Makes Us Human

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What makes us human is not our noise, but how we use it.

Submitted: June 11, 2016

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Submitted: June 11, 2016



The world makes so much sense

To those who listen,

Connections on the world,

For those who speak.

For those who speak, and learn, and play,

Are those who live through every day,

Are those who will see today.


What makes us human is not our mind,

Our breath, our structures,

But what we build from mundane things:

The stars, the love the hate.

Who are we, my son,

My daughter, we won

The world as one.


We are humans, all as one

Taking the world of hearts.

What we made and what we came of:

Truth we all deceive.

Humans as one

Humans of all

Rise to greatness

And first to fall.


Those who speak and those who listen,

All those who make us human.


I believe the stars above my head,

The patter of rain,

The distant train,

The footsteps moving as I tread

Ground I am familiar with

Is that makes me human.


I believe the clouds and sun,

The paper scrunched,

And humans, bunched,

And all the work done

From early days to final exams,

Are all that make me human.


When you move your hands,

Feeling rushed winds,

Watching as the sun dimmed,

And the gentle rumble of work of man's.

I find this calming and grounding

And it's what makes me human.


No matter what the other one's say,

There's something to stay the same:

What makes us human isn't the way

We take the land from what we maim,

But the little things from which we live our day

And appreciate what we have to display.


While big, birth and death,

Our body, our breath,

Our mind, our soul,

Our job, our role,

Has nothing to do with our life at all,

In fact, they're all particularly small.


What makes us human,

Once and again,

Is what we hear,

What we say,

To and from those

Who speak and listen.

© Copyright 2018 Marcellinos. All rights reserved.

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