This I Believe

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I did the "This I Believe" challenge and I wrote an essay under 500 words about something I believe in (strongly). I believe in lots of important things, but for this Essay, I wrote on how I believe that the internet and social media doesn't define who you really, genuinely are. Enjoy!

Submitted: June 11, 2016

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Submitted: June 11, 2016




I believe that people are more than their social media feeds. People should not be judged by how many followers they get on Instagram, how many retweets and favorites they get on Twitter, or how many likes they get on their Facebook page. Underneath all of those filters and emoji's on their photos is a normal, genuine and relevant person that is worth so much more than a sweet comment on their photo, or a quote with emoji's on their Twitter post. Some people think that the more likes you get on your photos, the more you are worth and the better you will feel about yourself, but that’s not entirely true. I would know, because a few years ago, I was that person and I was in this situation.

When I first got Instagram, I was younger. I thought that the more I posted, the better my photos were, and the more followers and likes I got, I would get more attention and that my friends would value me more. I would post photos of sometimes the most random things every single day like keep calm photos and pictures of random dogs. I would try to put as many emoji's in my captions and biography as possible. I ended up upset because I would only get three or four likes a photo on average when everyone else would get hundreds, even thousand of likes, and it really did bug me.

Some of the people in my school at the time were actually very nice and polite, and they only got a like or so on a photo. On the other hand, there were some people that would get over a hundred likes on a selfie that they took, and they wouldn’t even dare to look at me at school and when they did, the rudest things came out of their mouths. That’s when I realized that not everyone that gets hundreds of likes on photos are the nicest people and they should not get more attention that the ones who actually are kind and care about others on and offline.

Also, what I realized is just because people are happy and joyful online, doesn’t mean their the same offline and in person. Some of the happiest online people could be going through some scary stuff at home and no one knows because they keep it to themselves. People just expect for them to be happy when inside or in the real world they have some things going on in their lives that no one knows about. I think that people shouldn’t assume that someone isn't hurting because of what they post on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. 

Overall, I don’t think that you, and other people should value and rank themselves based on what others think, because what really matters is what you think of yourself, and how you treat people, because everyone is equal no matter what society thinks.

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This I Believe

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