A Murder In Kansas

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A decade old murder remains unsolved, will the murderer ever be found?

Submitted: June 11, 2016

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Submitted: June 11, 2016



Ten years ago my father was brutally murdered at our house and up till date, the murderer has not been found. His death however, does not sadden me one bit and I am happy that he is no longer around. He possessed every negative trait you can ever think of of a bad father - alcoholism, gambling, violence, adultery, you name it. 

I can vividly recount every single detail on the night of his murder.

On a typical night, my father would return home absurdly drunk and furious, usually from losing the little money my mother had left for herself after paying for bills. We would then become objects to which he would creatively vent his anger on. That night was a little different however, because he had won a huge sum of money.

You will probably think that on such a fortunate night he might treat us slightly better, but his vile behavior had no boundaries.

He splashed some of the cash on two high class hookers whom he shamelessly brought home and acted intimately with them in front of my heart-shattered mother. She finally broke down, after years of enduring and clinging on false hope that he might change for the better someday. 

As my mother held me while she suffered through the abhorrent noise they made behind the locked door, a shadowy figure glided past the windows. My mother was too distracted to notice it but I did. I was unruffled, or perhaps even felt welcoming of his presence.

I was only ten years old back then, but my father's actions had caused me to become cynical and broken.

I gave my mother a few pats and gently loosen her clutch on me, I then approached the door and left it unlocked. Moments later the shadowy figure entered the house, revealing himself as a brawny man in his mid-forties. He was armed with a knife and had a frightening demeanor. My mum was terrified and screamed at the top of her voice, alarming my father in the process. I was barely startled however, as I knew definitively who he was after.

My father burst out of his room, enraged from being interrupted. He swiftly grabbed a metal bat, ready to confront the intruder.

You may be wondering who that trespasser was. Possibly an angry man whom he won money from? Or perhaps he was a desperate individual who was struggling to make a living. Honestly, I could not care less then.

In the ensuing struggle, my father was overpowered by the intruder. He landed a few flash wound with his knife on my father and knocked him unconscious. He then began ravaging through the house, looted the money and quickly escaped.

My mum panicky picked up the phone and dialed for the police, as my father groaned in pain. But I hung up the phone before the call got through, while staring intently at the knife left behind by the intruder that lied beside him.  

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