Love Jihad

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The story is about the relationship of love between a Hindu girl and Muslim Boy.

Submitted: June 11, 2016

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Submitted: June 11, 2016



Syed and Gayatri didn't mean to fall in love. But love happens when you least expect it. It creeps up suddenly. When someone needs attention, care, conversation, laughter and maybe even intimacy. Love doesn't look at logic, or at backgrounds and least of all, religion.

Gayatri was from a very conservative South Indian family that went to a temple every Saturday. Syed bought goats for his family every Eid. That said it all. Their paths would never have crossed if it hadn't been for that fateful day. That day when he walked into the coffee shop. Gayatri wondered if destiny chose our loved ones for us. Did we have any role to play at all?

She looked at her watch. Syed was late. They met every Thursday at five pm to catch up. Their conversation lasted for hours. Sometimes at the cafe, sometimes in his car, sometimes in places that she could never tell her friends about. They would never understand. And yet Syed made her happy.

Suddenly her phone beeped. He had sent a message. "On my way. Have something important to tell you."

Gayatri stared at it and realised she had knots in her stomach. Thoughts flooded her mind. What did he want to tell her? She was tensed and anxious as she just came out of her clinic. Yes the clinic where it all started. Syed was a PH.D student in Chemistry from Jamia Milia when one day in his lab research work, he had his hand burnt when he came over to the clinic where Gayatri was in charge at the moment.

Syed was a young and smart man who was a bit lean looking and had rimless glasses. His features were sharp as he rushed in with his two friends holding his left palm wrapped in a cloth and his face showing the pain. Gayatri being the chief nurse. His hand was completely burnt and needed immediate light skin grafting. However there was no specialist doctor there at the moment. She had to take the decision and go ahead herself with the procedure being the chief as she rushed him to the O.T. She removed the cloth on his palm which was bleeding and had peeled off the upper part of the palm skin. It was a horrible sight as she patiently took out the kit and started to peel off the burnt skin after applying Syed the local anaesthetic. Syed was silent and was not speaking when his friends spoke up “Nurse, are you sure about this”. Gayatri was a strong woman in real sense. She just glanced over to Syed’s friend and gave him a reassuring look. Gayatri took out the forceps from the kit and had started to put in the plastic sheath on the burnt skin. Syed had not been speaking anything but his eyes were full of gratitude as it was being conveyed through his eyes. The procedure was completed in 15 minutes as Gayatri finally spoke to Syed “How are you feeling now? It would take at least two weeks for the fresh skin to be regrowing and within a month you will heal completely. Syed in his soft yet firm voice said “I feel it is much better now Mam, thank you so much”

Gayatri smile and gave her number to Syed saying i am going to give you some free medicine from the local shop. You can call me if you have any doubts. Syed’s friends winked at him which Gayatri did not notice. Gayatri was not exceptionally beautiful but she was pretty. Well both did not know that it was headed for something more than a patient doctor visit.

It had been a week after the incident when Syed called up Gayatri and wanted to meet her. Gayatri had not yet forgotten him as she said her shift was going to be over by another hour, Then he can meet her up in the clinic itself. That was decided as Syed came with a bunch of flowers and waited in the reception area. It was Gayatri who called her this time as Syed replied he was in the reception area. Gayatri came over and was surprised to see the bouquet of flowers in his hand. Syed replied that a mere thank you note was not enough. Gayatri smiled as she asked him that if he had time, then they could sit at the cafeteria for a cup of coffee and chat for a while. Well it was just the beginning of a relationship they did not expect to blossom into something of a deeper connection. It happened as they did not realize it that the friendship was turning into something more than just friendship. The realization that both were in love started to come in after they had met each other probably for innumerable times.

In the meantime, Gayatri had reached the Delhi central station where Syed had called her to meet her. Gayatri had that uneasy feeling as was not able to figure out that why this place? What was going to happen next? Engrossed in her thoughts she reached the meeting point. Syed was standing there. She rushed to him as he hugged her. His face looked red and then he slowly started walking towards the food court. Gayatri quietly followed her as they sat in the empty space with expectancy on face.  Syed started to speak “My family has come to know that i am having a relationship with you”. I don’t know yet how they came to know of it, probably from my call list or may be from someone close to me. Last night when i was having dinner, my father asked me that who is Gayatri. I was dumb founded as he continued to say that the girl better be just an acquaintance and not something more. Today in the morning i heard my father asking my uncle something. It does not sound nice for you and me.

I probably understood that my father is looking for the details of yours and would have confronted you directly. I had left for my University in the morning but my mind was confused what to do next. I gave a lot of thought and then decided to call you here. Gayatri still seemed flabbergasted and did not know exactly how to react. Syed gently touched her hands and told her that i will not be able to continue my life without you. The eyes of Gayatri were moist as she looked at Syed who was fishing his pockets for something.

Syed bought out two tickets which showed they were travelling from Delhi to Kolkata in another hour via Rajdhani express. The tickets were bought via tatkal and suddenly Gayatri was feeling giddy. She was yet to realize that whether Syed actually was asking her to elope and that too without any evidence of real threat can she escape with the man she has loved. She has fallen in love with the man whose religion seemed a taboo for the family where she belonged from. She was being torn apart in the question of her so called roots from where she belonged and whether to break them to lead on to a new life leaving everything behind. It meant her family, friends many of who did not understand her love story and of course her clinic where she considered her world came to her own.

Syed startled her as he started to speak, i know “Gayatri, your world is crashing down but this is what i could think of. If we even hid in any place of Delhi be it at a friend’s place it will not take time for my father to find us. After all he is a Delhi Municipal Corporation Member”. Gayatri finally spoke and said “Syed, i know that i love you. I don’t know how exactly i could have defined love if i had not met you but i feel this way of escaping would bring shame on to my family and i would feel as an escapist”.  “Also if you father wanted he can find us from anywhere in the world”. Syed always knew that behind the feminine facade Gayatri was a strong lady which was just pouring out. Syed asked her that what she wanted to do. Gayatri replied that she wanted to talk with her family members and confront them on this issue.

Syed was just as dumbfounded for a brief moment as was Gayatri moments back. He just asked are you serious about this decision and then what did she expect Syed to do. She asked that she expected Syed to be a man and face the family as she was looking to do. She then just gently held the hands of Syed and said “I know we both trust each other and that is why we need to do this the right way. I will keep in touch with you”

Syed wandered about for a while as then he made his way back to home. He was really confused as to what did Gayatri actually think of the situation. Did she really understand that what was about to happen. Gayatri was on her way to her house where her family still had no clue about the ongoing affair that had been with Syed. She did not know how to face the situation and what to tell her family. Will she be rebuked by her family or may be the worst that she will be the latest news for honour killing! Wait, what she was thinking, she was from a modern family who of course had strong religious beliefs but that could not possibly mean this.

It was around 5 in the evening and she wanted to meet Payel, her best friend with whom she could possibly share everything. She worked as a school teacher and she came home by 5:30 in the evening. Gayatri called up Payel and told her about the situation. She was the only one who knew about her tryst of love with Syed. She was calm and just about a year elder to Gayatri. They met up at a local park where Gayatri told Payel what had transpired. Payel patiently listened to everything and told her to go back home and disclose it to her parents by today evening. Her father was a retired employee of Indian Railways and her mother was a house wife who also had a small business of supplying home based food delivery. She had one brother who was in USA for his MS at MIT.

Gayatri came back to her home and went to take a shower. She knew she had to disclose the news today. She had come to the dinner table and saw her father reading a newspaper while her mother had bought her some freshly baked muffins. She was not even looking at the food as she called her father “Appa, i need to talk to you”. Her father looked at her for a moment as he came over to the table from the couch. Her mother also sat down as both had a bit of expectant faces.

She started slowly but firmly as she slowly divulged the story of hers with Syed. Her mother was just as dumbstruck as you would expect. However Gayatri always had the strength from her father. Her father did not comment until she stopped completely. Gayatri was trembling as her father walked up to her and embraced her. Gayatri had started to cry. Her father said he wanted to meet Syed, Gayatri was silent as her mother spoke up and said what you mean by this.

In the meantime Syed had reached his place and he saw that his father was waiting with his uncle, his mom and other family members. Syed was not late to realize what was about to happen. His father said , “You just did not trust us Syed, did you?” Sued did not know what to say. His father continued and said you must be wondering that how did i come to know about all this. I think you forgot that you are my son and not only that i have political connections. I am ashamed and pained that you did not feel the importance of your decision to share with us. The moment when Syed felt that his entire body was numb and much like Gayatri, he fumbled but started to slowly speak up “Abba, i don’t know what happened to me but i have felt true love”.

Syed’s father shared a quick glance with him and then with the other family members. He then said something which just took Syed by surprise. He said that “You thought that your family would disown you and try to break your relationship”. It is very said that after being my son you could possibly think like that. I understand that the girl you are in relationship with is from a different religion but yes we have to deal with new times. I am modern in my outlook with of course strong cultural and religious roots. It however does not mean that a person cannot love someone from a different background. I was discussing with your uncle about the issue and we also had thought of contacting the girl’s family. However it was more reasonable to confront you first. Syed’s ammi kept quiet and did not utter a word.

In that very instant, Gayatri’s call came up. Syed was not picking up the call. It was his abba who received the call. He spoke softly to Gayatri, though she was startled to hear the voice of Syed’s father. He asked to speak to his father as he went to the other room. It was probably a heart pounding 10 minutes for Syed as then his father returned the cell phone to him.

After about an hour, Syed who was just asked to get refreshed and then wait in the drawing room had no idea that he would welcome Gayatri’s parents in the room. Gayatri’s father smiled at Syed and then his father shook hands with him after saying hello to Gayatri’s mother. Syed could not believe that whether he really misjudged his family and even Gayatri’s. Was it really happening? The discussion started as Syed’s father said that he had no problems in the relationship and he actually believed love is the biggest religion. Gayatri’s father was appreciative of the view and said that he feared a backlash from his family back in Tamil Nadu, however he cannot bear to lose his pearl of heart Gayatri. He asked Syed’s father that if they want to get married, they should continue to follow their respective cultural and religious belief. Syed’s father asked Gayatri’s mother whether she had anything to say and speak with his better half. She said no politely wondering just like Syed that can it possibly happen what she was witnessing.





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