Is Your Love My iIlusion?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A young man who was finishing high school, began to fall in love with a beautiful girl. he always admired her for who she was. Always heard from others that she was crazy. But he saw past that in her. He prayed many times to wish god if she could be his. Eventually the young girl started to develop feelings for him. Suddenly one night he had a dream. He had a dream of the young lady loving him with her affection. Then on the day, April 1st, a miscommunication occured which made her walk out the door with a horrific emotion, then unnecessary problems occured.

Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016



“Is Your Love My Illusion”

By: Rafael F. Castro


Is your love my Illusion?

Day by Day goes by

There seems to be more confusion

Held your head up high

When I know you feel low

Screaming for my rescue

When I was forced not to do so

My love we have no obsession

The world led us to Depression

Throughout life,

I learned that Love is so strong

But now I completely see,

I loved you all along

Everyday when I see you

With heartache in your soul

Thinking you should take your own

Hoping someone would care enough to know.

But please sweetheart have no fear

‘Cuase I’m here to show.

I really loved you with my full might,

For you to clearly see I care for you so

Even on sunny days if you’re not here

It rains so hard as if God was in tears.

Please cheer up my love

You’re not alone.

Even if the world is falling apart

Your my constant, my touchstone

Everyday I wait for the Sun to fall

Just to look for a shooting star

Thinking about you

even from afar

What can I say

I Love you

Making my day like heaven

Even when I feel blue

But the question is,

Do you love me?

So I can come,

And set you free.

I prayed to God every day,

Wishing you’d be mine

Every single day;

Even till the end of time.

But then one night,

A dream came to me

It was very different

No, it couldn’t be...........

I had a dream;

That you were loving me

What’s strange is,

Ir was like it was meant to be

But later on you’ve start to have an eye for me

Time was passing by

And I couldn’t see.

Now I’m wondering,

Did life bring you to me

Is this reality

Is it a Fantasy

If you loved me,

Would that be my destiny

Or would you deny;

Make it a tragedy

Just by staring at your eyes,

feeling like ecstasy.

It feels like a dream, just you and me.

Forget the world,

This is our destination.

Day by Day goes by

The only who’s falling is our generation.

Or is it something else:

A realization

A distraction;

from our creation?

Then come the first of April

Where I thought we found love

Sent by our loving God;

From the heavens above.

I saw you across from a distance,

As it is plain to see

I now hear your soul;

Yelling me you love me.

Now it’s time,

Even with no makeup, beauty at its finest

Glow on your smile

Seeming the brightest

Just like peaceful Oceans;

In the California Shore.

Now I make the first step,

Suddenly here comes confusion

Distraction came in the way

As we were finding a romantic resolution

You hear lies;

Gave you confusion

Left out the door with your blessing Love

With horrific emotion

Now I’m feeling an unnecessary rejection

Sent me to an Institution

As I see now it is a real confusion.

The real question must be answered,

and im wondering………..

Is Your Love my Illusion.

© Copyright 2020 Rafael. All rights reserved.

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