The Moon will listen

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Dennis is a young man who lives with a problematic family and is abducted by his dads long time enemies. They turn him into a powerful being he controls his cells and is able to turn into any other living organism that he knows of. He can mix different animals together if he wants to. He needs to rescue his father from a secret prison with the help of moon. (a computer his father made)

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Submitted: June 12, 2016

"The human race has become too powerful for this world" a woman with extraordinary pale skin says.

"Everyone wants to become stronger. Our wars will be fought robots and monsters if this doesn't stop." She says.

"The United States of America should be at the front lines of this power." A man shouts from accross a long table. Under his collar there is a golden tag that says "PRESIDENT".

"I am glad you agree Mr.President. We have found a substance from the moon. We have tested lab rats and they have developed enough intelligence to act on command." She points at a screen that is attached to the wall.

"They became strong enough to eat through bars. Sir it was been years since we tested this and there are no side effects I think we are ready to try this on humans" she looks back with a smirk in her face

"We won't find a volunteer for such thing. This isn't right. We are playing with life's here. I can't allow this anymore. You and your scientific research has got to stop!."
The President yelled at her.

"You are too late Mr.President." A voice from behind the president spoke.

"Area 51 already injected a man." The voice said whispering.

The president slowly turns his head to face the man.

"Who are you?" The president asked

"I am the creator of all this Mr. President" the man said whispering. "Among us there is a young man who is the key to our survival. With his power we will be able to rule the world. Bring the world to peace at last."

The man walked and stood next to the women.

"Who did you inject?" The president asked his face was blushed red like lava.

"No one will know Mr. President" the woman answered taking a gun out of her back without the president suspecting.

"It's time to bring America back to power" the man added.

Shots were fired. Not from the woman's hand but from outside the window. A helicopter showed up instantly at the window with men pointing guns inside.

"Dr.Trank, I am sorry for your loss" The president spoke as the lady laid on the floor with a bullet wound on her head. The blood traveled out of her body quick enough to touch Dr. Trank's shoes.

"Wha -" the Dr. Had no words.

"You are under arrest for attempted murder and the use of human beings for a personal experiment unauthorized by the government of the United States of America." The president opened the door to his office and the FBI ran in and tackled Dr. Trank down while pointing guns to his head.

"You can't stop us!" Dr. Trank yelled in laughter "There is already someone to finish what we started. And someone to bring all of you down. THE BEGINNING IS HERE!"

"It's here !"
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Graduation day

Submitted: June 12, 2016

My blood feels warm as it rolls down my face. I look around everyone looks so joyful around me. I look up from behind the stage and I see the screen so big and clear. I wonder if anyone is as anxious as I am to appear on that screen. Everyone is smiling jumping and hugging each other. I just stand in silence waiting for my name to be called. I see the last girl in front of me walk and I know i am next . I get myself ready my heart is raising my hands are sweaty my face is so red and blushed.

“Dennis Malivient” the principal of my school said on the microphone.

My feet automatically moved towards the stage like if they were activated by command.As I walked I could see nothing but lights and flashes but I could hear people cheering loud like thunder. As I walked closer to the school principal I finally saw myself on the big screen and all the people that were cheering from around and across the stage.

“Congratulations” the principal and all the other people I don’t care about keep saying.

“Thanks” I keep repeating

I finally got off and went back to my seat.

As everyone else gets called I sit with my friend Jack who is nowhere near smart but far away from dumb.

“This isn't the end my brother, but is not the beginning either” He smiled as he spoke.

I know he wouldn't accept it but he is happy to have graduated he feels accomplished.

“Do you ever make sense?” I said while smirking

“I do! All the time. You just have to look with my eyes. We have been through many break ups but, the world is about to throw some serious bodies on us my son” He said as he put his arm around my shoulder a little tight like a hug.

“Don't make me cry with your speech of wisdom you cry baby”

I said this time with a sarcastic voice.

As they finished calling names we all looked up at the stage silently.

There was a man who walked up to the stage. I could not tell who he was but something about him scared me. His face was full of scars like if he was thrown in a pool of blades.

“Who the hell invited 2 face to this graduation?” Jack said with a disgusted face.

I laughe a bit.

“My name is Julius Trank.” The man spoke in a loud deep voice.

“I am the director at our new science center. I am here to congratulate you guys for proving us wrong. We calculated that only

20% of students would graduate this year in our city. 40% of you guys graduated proving our calculations wrong and that does not make us angry but it makes us proud of our city.”

Everyone cheered.

“Now, I warn you the world is a crazy place my friends. Many of you will get killed.” He stopped filling the room with silence.

My body turned into ice cold rocks melting. His words were so inspirational at the beginning and now he speaks of death? I am not confused I know exactly what he means but I am scared what if it's me the one who dies?.

“Many will die of disease. Many will stay poor. A couple of you will become wealthy and 0.1% of you will make history. Its up to you to look for a decision my friends.” He looked around him as everyone clapped and he turned back and walked to the back of the stage.

I felt uncomfortable something in his voice just didn't sound nice at all.

Graduation ended hats flew across the stage and I finally walked out and breathed some fresh air. I seen my family across the street looking like an actual family all dressed up and smiling at me. My mother held roses with my name in them. She handed the roses to me and hugged me.

“I am so proud of you Dennis. You have worked hard for this. You deserve it all son” She said while crying of happiness.

“Thank you ,Mom” I said with a smile on my face that I could not take away.

“Let's go!” Jonas my step-father said serious as always.

We got in the car quietly.

My little twin brother and sister were smiling and looking through my diploma and papers. Irius my half-brother who I consider my real brother anyway is sitting by the door I feel his jealousy burning his insides.

“Irius aren't you going to congratulate damian” Damaris said knowing what Irius reaction was going to be.

“For what? Everyone graduates it's not that big of a deal.” He answered Damaris with attitude.

“My son does not have to congratulate anyone” Jonas added “He will soon have his own time to shine.”

He looked at me through the rear mirror straight into my eyes. I can feel his hate coming out of his eyes.

“Where are we going to eat?” I asked my mother ignoring his eyes.

“Eat? We are going home kid.” Jonas answered for her.

“I asked my mom not you stupid punk” I replied

“Who do you think you are talking to? The only punk here is you. When we get home you are going to get on the damn computer and find yourself a decent job so you can go out to eat by yourself punk.”

He said yelling and hitting the steering wheel with his right hand as he spoke.

“Mom are you going to let him talk to me like that?” I asked my mother.

“Dennis, please just do as he says and be quiet.” She answered

Tears came out of my face instantly after I heard her answer. All the other families were going out to have fun I would be stuck home like always. I can't be happy not even in my special day. My little twin brother and sister hugged me as I cried making me feel even worse.

When we got home I was the first one off the car and walked straight into my room and slammed the door behind me.

“You don't pay rent to be slamming doors around here punk.” Jonas yelled from downstairs.

My room door opened and I quickly turned around. It was my mother.

“I am sorry Dennis.” she said as tears came out of her face.

I laid in my bed facing away from her.

“I wish I could give you more Dennis. I love you but once you get married and you leave everything will change son .”

I turned to her

“Why do you let him treat me like that? How can you love that monster?” I asked

“Because I love him, understand me please. Once you leave and make your life you will be happy but what about me? What about my happiness? I deserve to be happy to.” She answered

I looked down to her hands and I noticed they were shaking.

“Its whatever I guess mom”

She stood up and walked in from of the door where she paused.

“I I'm really sorry Dennis” she closed the door behind her.

I thought about leaving all night long. I thought about how miserable my life is in this family. I asked myself if Jonas had ever laid a hand on my mother and that’s why she was shaking scared that he would do it again. I punched my bed as tears came pouring out of my eyes. I stood by my window asking this questions to the moon.

I constantly spoke to her since I was younger since no one else listened. My dad told me the few times we spoke to speak to the moon since we only have one moon to stare at and that the moon would tell him what I am trying to tell him.

I didn't actually believe it but, I still did to release stress Read Chapter

We are not related

Submitted: June 14, 2016

This is where the family gets a little more messed up. Read Chapter

The Truth

Submitted: June 19, 2016

This chapter breaks Dennis down emotionally. Read Chapter

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