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A being is suddenly manifested into existence with a fully formed mind equal to that of a grown human. This being has no idea what it means to exist and is lost in a universe with seemingly nothing inside it except this being and it's own mind.

A void, a realm of infinite unmanifested potential. That was my home. I did not possess consciousness back then. I was a pure essence of a concept. I did not even know what a concept was. I was its expression. It's unmanifested expression. Suddenly, this concept was eager to be Manifested. That is how I came into existence. Suddenly I became conscious. I instinctively looked around but there was nothing there. Just an expanse of what I would later learn is the color white. I looked down and discovered I had a body. I was no longer nothing. I was no longer simply an abstract essence. My body was shimmering and looked like it was made of pure diamond that was moving as though it were the currents of an ocean. "Beautiful." I said out loud. As soon as the word left my mouth I was confused.

What was that? Was that... me? I thought. I' had never experienced anything like that before or anything at all! I did not know what the word meant. I did however feel it had a strong positive connotation... whatever it was. My body stood up without my permission. I walked over to a distant object. Shambling slowly, being guided by some unseen force. Eventually a chair appeared on the horizon. It was the same color white as the room, barely noticeable against the vast expanse. I sat down on the chair. Once I had interacted with the chair my sense of self awareness grew. I now had something in my world of nothing that was not myself. I soon realized I could not move out of the chair. As I sat in the chair for a long period of time I became aware of how alone and afraid I was. Afraid of my own mind and afraid of this world. The most powerful fear however was the fear of being afraid forever and never being able to make it stop. Consider having a severe anxiety attack while being alone in a dark room with no escape. Now consider having to endure that for years, centuries, no... I can’t put a number on the amount of time I spent in that mental hell.

The amount of time spent sitting in that chair lost in my fears was longer than I ever thought long could be. Over time I learned to adjust to this state of being. Always being afraid and anxious, panicked. This feeling was so strong and I was powerless against it. Eventually I figured I might as well accept it without judgment and without labeling it as negative and just see what happens. After an infinity of resistance I let go. I was completely free from this feeling's tyranny. I was no longer thinking or feeling. I just was. The way I was when I first arrived here countless eons ago but different. I felt somehow better, stronger after overcoming my fear. I was now also free to get up from my chair that I forgot existed. I walked forward but on my own volition this time. As I continued walking I realized I was walking in a manner I had never done before. I was... going up. I could not tell that I was raising due to there being no objects or points of reference within my world. But I had a sense of ascension. "Up, up, up!" I shouted. I still could not comprehend the things coming from my mouth. As I continue to walk I eventually reached the source of this place. A blue swirling mass of energy that had so much power I nearly fainted within its presence. Upon regaining my composure I reached out my hand to touch the surface. Within a fraction of a second one million thoughts raced through my mind, one million feelings coursed through my heart, one million memories flooded into my brain, one million moments of being in pain and a million moments of being in pleasure permeated me down to the very core of who I was. Then it was over.

My mind froze. I was unable to think for several minutes. I was totally unable to comprehend what had just happened. Once I had recovered I look around my surroundings once again. "There's not much here is there?" I said to myself automatically. After I spoke I reflected on the words I had just said. "My god, I can understand what I am saying! Not only that but this is not the real world! This is some pseudo world... a fake... a counterfeit world and I am forced to live in it." I said with anger. The real world is... somewhere out there I thought to myself. Beyond these limitless boundaries of this nothing universe. I was lowered by an unknown force. I sat quietly and contemplated all the things that had just been poured into my mind for a while. Mulling them over. These ideas, concepts, people, things, feelings, thoughts, and an entire personality to go along with it all. A sense of ego emerged. While I meditated on these things they slowly started to integrate themselves into one another. Assimilating into one single... well, let's just call it one big Super Thought. The Super Thought coalesced within me. Not within my mind though. Somewhere different. Somewhere deeper than my mind. Everything made sense at once. These are the ideas and thoughts of a person. A person's entire ethos. He is a person like me but very different at the same time. He is a human living in the real world. If he is a human then what am I? I thought to myself, puzzled. The true world is a world full of color and lights and shapes and sounds.

His name is James and he is Twenty five years old. I knew everything there was to know about him. Within that instant I learned a lot about what it meant to exist as a sentient entity. This place I've inhabited since my existence is his inner world. I understand what this place is now. This energy is like a window into this man's soul and it connects his inner world with the real one. This man has existed for such a short time I thought to myself. "Twenty five years?" I said out loud. How does one even have time to blink before one's existence is over? Immediately after finishing my sentence I came to the realization that this entity known as James has a concept in his mind known as "death". When a human dies they poof out of existence. The same exact way I was poofed into existence but the opposite. I pondered for a moment what it would feel like to exist not. I had existed for so long now I could not remember what it was like to not exist anymore. I just remember I was once unmanifested. Suddenly a sense of dread washed over me. "What if I die? What if I am removed from this reality? No, I do not want to go back! I want to live!" I screamed, and my words echoed throughout the entire nothing universe.


In time I collected myself. I'm not even sure if the thing I am is subject to death. I thought out loud in my mind. I just knew I wanted a world to live in. A world like Jameses. A world of my own to live out my own unique life. If I were to die, I at least wanted to have a world to explore and be a part of first. Without warning a flash of blinding light engulfed the nothing universe. I was blinded for a moment. As the infinitely bright light dimmed my eyes slowly readjusted and I looked around. There was ground now. Trees, a sky and a huge horizon with countless unnamable things littered across it. An entire world made just for me. It had no man made structures and was similar to the real world if it had never been touched by the hand of man. I was incredibly thankful for this beautiful world that had just seemingly brought itself into existence for my sake. I began exploring this new world. It felt endless. Just like the old world but this one had places and things! As I explored more I noticed something saddening. Still no people. No other people exist in this new world but me. "I am still alone." I said with sadness in my voice. After I learned I was still completely and utterly alone the new world started to become much less interesting to me. I quit exploring all together and quietly sat in the center of the world on a tree stump for a long time. There were no other tree stumps anywhere that I was aware of save this one. This world was untouched and pristine but this one cut down tree. While I sat on the stump I became morose, depressed. A depression so powerful the force of it upon my mind and heart was crushing. It felt like emptiness, despair, sadness, and fear all mixed into one.


I wanted someone, anyone beside me, so I didn't have to feel alone anymore. After a time I looked up. Back up at the source of this reality. It was the connection to this world and the human known as James. I thought if I could get close again perhaps I could somehow communicate with it. My feet left the ground and I flew toward it. Once more, I put my hand on the energy. I heard a voice this time. A voice I had never heard before since it was not my own. It introduced itself and I had the first conversation I had ever had in my life. "Hello, there." James said softly. "I have known about you for some time now." After he was done I blurted out loudly "How do you know about me?!" "Because I created you." He said quietly. He... created me? Impossible! How can you turn nothing into something. I was in disbelief but at the same time I knew it was true. I knew this because James knew this.

"I waited a long time for you to contact me." He said with tears welling up in his eyes. After a long pause he asked me for my name. My name? I remembered learning about the concept of names but I never thought of having one myself I thought. "I do not know." I said meagerly. "Not only that but I don't know the purpose for my existence or if it has one at all." I said while turning my head to the side. "Hmmm" James muttered. Then maybe you should make a name and a purpose up for yourself" he said enthusiastically. Make up my own name? And my own purpose in life? I instantly realized the absurdity of requiring a name. "Why have a name in a world filled with no people?" I said out in a slightly angered tone. "You have me to interact with now." said James with kindness in his voice. "I Suppose you are right." I said looking to the side once more. Speaking with him is such a powerful feeling I thought. I can hardly stand to look at him. After a few seconds of silence I got up the courage to look at him again. "I know about you and your entire life, James! I completely accept and love you. You have helped me much in striving toward understanding existence with all your thoughts and feelings becoming one with me!" James smiled. "Thank you, no name. I love you too."

He intrinsically loved me. I could sense it. He had no real reason to but he did anyway. It confused me for a moment. What is Love exactly? Like a train it hit me. On some level I knew this all along but could never grasp it as though it were on the tip of my tongue for my whole life. "Love is the non corporeal essence I represented in the realm of the unmanifested." I said with confidence. That unknown concept I was that of Love. "I... am... Love..." I said slowly.James smiled wide and nodded. I am the collective expression of the Love that James feels toward all the people, places and things in his life. Pure unfiltered Love. "Here, take my hand." He said. As he did a semi-transparent hand reached out through the soul window. I clasped the hand tightly and was pulled into his world. The real world. We embraced each other with tears flowing down our faces. For some reason I had the strong urge to look down. As I did I noticed I had a different body now. It was the body of a young female human. I looked into a nearby mirror and saw my face for the first time. It was the most amazing feeling ever.

We stepped back from each other for a moment. After a while of staring deeply in each other's eyes James said "What will you do with your existence now that you are here, on Earth, living as a human with so much love to offer?" I knew in an instant what I wanted my purpose in life to be. "I want to be of service to this world in any way possible. Through your mind I have seen this world in great pain and suffering for many eons. I want to help fix that." James smirked. "We will make your dream come true together then." I smiled and with certainty in my eyes I said "And my name shall be..."



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A very different and interesting story. Well done.

Sun, June 12th, 2016 7:40pm

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