Ghost Girl

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Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016



Mel, a tall and slim 16 year old with red hair and blue eys walked along the cold streets of London. It was late at night, snow was falling lightly around her, nobody else was around, it was quiet, like a ghost town. She walked along the streets, the lights flickering as the snow got heavier and the wind grew stronger. 

In the distance Mel could see the old house at the top of the hill, it had been there for years, no one lived there, no one went there.Mel would usually just keep walking and ignore the house, but today was different. She stood and studied the house from the distance. It looked different, older, spookier. It took her a while to realise that there at the top of the house a dim light was shining through the window. 

Why is there a light on? she questioned herself.

No one had lived there in a long time and as far as she knew no one had bought it. No one would. She squinted trying to make out the 'for sale sign which was usually position at the bottom of the hill next to the gate. It had gone. 

Someone must’ve bought it.

 She thought nothing of it as she walked along the icy path, trying not to fall, concentrating on where she stepped. She noticed something on the floor in the distance, as she got closer she noticed it was the tattered 'for sale' sign from the old house. 

What is this doing here?

She continued up the path and headed straight up towards the old house, she reached the gate, it was locked, as usual. It stopped people going any further, the person that owned the ket to the gate died a long time ago and nobody knew where they had kept it. She played with the chains that were holding the gate together and eventually managed to push the gate far enough open for her to squeeze through. She dumped the sign on the damp cold grass, her only intention before looking up and seeing a shadow in the window of the house which was soon gone when she blinked.

She started making her way up the stone path towards the house. Mel wasn't your typical teenager, she was adventurous. She approached the old brown wooden door, it was open slightly, she pushed it open slowly making it creak. “Hello,” Mel shouted. “Is there anybody in here? If there is, you shouldn’t be the house in't safe."

There was no reply just the sound of dripping. What is that? Was it water dripping from a leaking pipe or was it blood from an old rotting corpse? She made her way uo the stairs, with evey step there was a creak. As she walked the dripping became louder and louder, she made her way to one of the rotting door and pressed her ear against it. What is that dripping? she questioned herself hearing it from inside that room. She carefully pushed the door open, making part of the wood fall off as it opened. She stepped inside the cold bathroom, and walked towards the bath where the dripping became louder. Pulling the curtain open there lay a smelly rotting corpse. The tap dripping onto his face. Dried blood all over him. It was the corpse of a 14 year old boy that went missing three weeks ago, he'd crossed the path of the house, just like she had.

She backed away from the corpse towards the door slowly, trying not to step on any breaks in the floor to make sure she didn't fall through. Walking onto the landing she shut the door behind her making her way towards the stairs she heard a cry coming from behind her, she walked towards the door it was coming from.

Mel, what are you doing?

"Someone could be hurt. They could need help."

She pushed the door open. "Hello," she said to a girl that was sitting by the window. "Are you okay? Can I help you?"

The girl didn't reply, she just turned around. Her black greasy hair falling down past her shoulders, her clothes ripped, her body scratched and bruised, he eyes dark

"Who are you?" Mel asked.

"I used to live here, 100 years ago. I fell down the stairs and broke my neck. I came back as a ghost and have lived here ever since," the girl said in a weepy voice.

Only now Mel realized the girl was no longer crying and was instead making her way towards her. The door slamming shut behind her. Her mind flashed back to the rotting corpse of the innocent 14 year old. 

I'm not getting out of this alive. “What do you want?” Mel asked as she started to back towards the door. 

"You trespassed like the boy. Everyone that trespasses dies."

 “Please don’t hurt me," Mel begged as she pulled at the door, but it was stuck. "I didn't mean any harm. I saw there was a light on and came to investigate, to tell whoever was in here to get out because it wasn't safe. I'm too young to die."

 "I was only 13 when I died, the boy was only 14. None of us were old enough but we still did."

She kept tugging at the door and eventually managed to open it with a force, she set off running down the long hallway, the stairway getting further away. She tripped her foot caught in a hole in the floor. Suddenly she fell, her body colliding with the floor, a sickening crack and her head pouring with blood. 

That was the end of Melanie Miller and her adventures. 





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