Concrete Jungle

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I went out for a walk and was enthralled by the natural beauty of the landscape.

Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016



Concrete Jungle


This dirt path knows no end, 

Its stones have caressed many-a-treading foot

Whose soles are eternally embedded in the earth

Whispering secrets from the soil. 


To my delight, an explosion of humdrum melodies

Buzzes from the brush,

And like lovers entwined, the flowers sway gently

To the music of their making.


Even naive Eve,

Cradled by a penchant for temptation

Shares in the wonder of the fruit of song,

For even snakes cannot soil this purple paradise.


But the gryphon, with outstretched snatching claws, 

Shadows the dirt path in its passing;

Reminding me of the concrete jungle luring near.

Yet need not I to fear, for my jungle is that of the tree and rock

And every living thing.

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