The Rules of A Story

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What are the rules of a story? Are they necessary?

Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016



I groaned as I threw my paper to the wall. 

"Exposition, initial incident, RISING ACTION, CLIMAX!" I throw my arms into the air, showing my annoyance. "School's pretty much over, so why do we have to learn this again!" I asked nothing in particular. 

"Why? Because the school said so, that's why." said Nigh who was sitting in the desk in front of mine. He was trying to focus on his sheet, key word 'trying'. He was playing video games on the school's laptop. 

"But do we even need to write the exposition and everything else?" I questioned, irritated with relearning how to write a story.

"Well I mean, how annoying would it be if a story didn't go in that order? Everything would be messed up!" he argued.

He had a point.

It would be pretty weird if a story didn't go in the write order-

Suddenly a giant monster sabre tooth tiger crashed through the wall. The class screamed and ran around and Dean almost jumped out of the window, until he realized we we were on the second floor. We all held onto the weapons we got throughout our journey. This was it - what this whole story had lead to. Dean looked back and realized that he couldn't jump out the window and that the only way out of the class room was through the tiger monster thing. 

"THIS IS SPARTAA!" he yelled as he charged at the thing while holding his spear in the wrong direction. The thing died and disappeared but then a person appeared.

"Uh yeah, according to this paper I'm supposed to say..." The person looked closely at the paper in his hands. "Uh, glares at people evilly." he read out loud. Before he continued, realization hit him. "Oh shoot that's in a bracket." he cleared his throat and attempted to glare at us but just looked ridiculous. "I don't get payed enough for this." he muttered, annoyed. "Anyways! We're here to give you a warning that if school doesn't end by today we'll attack you and kill everyone with our amazing and terrifying super giant sabre tooth tiger." he poofed away in a puff of smoke as we all sat there relieved. 

"We killed the thingy!" I yelled as the rest of the class cheered with me, and we all lved happily ever after. Then we all started to shake with fear - A terrifying super giant sabre tooth tiger? How are we going to defend ourselves from that? Our gang of friends got together and stole weapon-shaped projects from a teachers desk. Well that was easy. 

I felt a pain on the back of my head.

"Ow!" I called out as I turned around. I saw Nigh standing there with an annoyed look - he threw a pencil at me! "What was that for!" I asked him as I threw my arms into the air.

"That story was too confusing, and this is coming from me!" I stood there in disbelief - Nigh was telling me that my story was too confusing? What has this world come to. 

"Alright, I guess it was pretty confusing having the parts of a story all over the place. But hey, at least I didn't leave the story unfinishe

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