Numb Minds And Little Lies

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A comment of recent events occurring with mass shootings in America and how murderers are 'innocent' because their lives were allegedly worthy of saving

Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016



What are you to do

When you see on the news

“50 dead and 76 injured:

A fight we had to lose.”?


What are you to do

When you read in a paper

“Murderer of 20

Still left to caper.”?


You get numb,

Do you not?

As if it's life's

Great “plot”

To kill the innocent

And let blood clot.


To the murderers and proud:

Are you really happy now?

Of course you are, you monsters

Because murder is what they allow -

If your intentions were theirs,

Then they take it with a bow.


Government don't fool anyone

With their terrorist intentions,

On the poor and weak and outspoken

Are tests for their inventions

They hate the vulnerable

And will kill without interventions.


What are we to do

Behind our screens

In a safe haven

Away from the screams,


Away from all those who are lost when found,

Away from the horrors,

Murder and bloodlust,

Away from the gunmen and bombers.


The death of many are used in schools

It's all in the past

No helping them now,

And time “heals” so fast.


Bloodstained dollars and feasts of human:

A plot we shouldn't repeat but do.

Behind the scenes are murderers

Cowering behind what they see true

And if God ever meant for murder of good people

May Satan take grasp of a good man's coo.


Domestic war haunts us all.

Who's next, who falls,

Who's got a gun at their head,

Who's trapped between death and a wall?


Bloodstained flags and leaking innocence,

Bloodstained rags and misworded benevolence,

Bloodstained hands of misguided youth,

As we all fall will a lack of sweet elegance.


From behind a screen, it seems so far away

Alas it is here and primed and ready

In the pathetic words people say

Trapped in a waltz but all more deadly.


Are you ready for war

From a numb-of-war mind?

Are you ready for war

And it's worthy lies?

Are you ready to die

In the heat of false battles?

Are you ready for domestic

World War Three?

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