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This mass destruction you call love 
became a genocide to all my emotions .

Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016



You said you were a solider,

That was all I heard when you said you would keep me safe.

My brilliant blizzard  built me Ice Towers of ridicule,

To keep me from the cold.

A Titanium steel wall surrounded  your nothing,

I'll tear down anything that keeps us apart . 

But I wasn't for a fight,

So I set to work and  built myself a ladder,

It's height couldn't reach your heaven . 

So quickly your Weapons were pulled out , 

In self defense You threw the first stone ,

Wading off the alien intruder trying to enter your sacred heart.

I had to tear down those walls, I turned my heart into dynamite.

This Mass destruction you call love became a genocide to all my emotions . 

No shot gun to kill distance, 

Same country but entirely different worlds.

I wanted to be free from the nightmares And haunted shadows.

So I put up a white flag , To put a stop to our battles ,

Sadly your heart is color blind.

Defeated my heart lay out in a pool of crimson 

It's sticky  mess offended  you.

So you wanted to give the knock out punch,

But my pain turned into a gun,

I aimed my gun at art and shot something beautiful.

I turned my tears into ink ,

And wrote a tale about  the one I love the one who waged war against our souls,

You couldn't recognise love even if it were your own reflection.

Alas the knock out punch was given But who fell? Who stood still?

The war is over, We both lost ,

Destroyed everything we built.

When you said you were a solider,

I didn't know I was the enemy, And our love was war.

I've lost so much so if I have nothing then I won't have anything to loose ,

And with my last breath I built a wall gathered a few weapons and watched it begin again.

© Copyright 2018 Mitya. All rights reserved.

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