Technically Not Siblings

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016



John made sure to make an ignorant exit in Scott's driveway. The last thing I need is for the two of them to brawl over something so stupid.

Scott and I have been together for a while now. He's kind of a lazy person if I had to be honest about him. That's one thing my mom and John both hates about him. They think he won't go anywhere in his life and he just uses me to make himself look better.

Regardless, he will do for now. He's mostly sweet to me unless he's on something. I get beyond upset with him when he's high on Lord knows what. Anytime I call him out on it, he gets offended and blames it on his mother passing away.

I get it, a parent passing away is the worst thing in the world. Considering I would know, my father died in a car accident.

But you don't see me snorting every pill possible?

I see it this was: You choose how to handle your life afterwards. My dad would want to kick my ass if I drowned my sorrows that way. Sure I haven't made plans to go off to college, but I just need some more time to heal and find out who I am.

I can't decide what I want to do with my life yet. I'm okay with hanging around for a few more years. I just need to stay as happy as possible. As long as Bill and my mom keep their love life low, I'm fine with it. 

"Why did that asshole drive you here?" He muttered, checking his phone so he didn't seem more confrontational. 

"Be nice, he's fixing my car battery because it died this morning." I scolded.

"He'll probably break your car."

"Let's hope not." I sighed.

I sat on his couch while he stared off into the wall. Twiddling my thumbs was only fun for so long.

"So.. What do you want to do." I asked."

"Audeen I don't fuckin' know. You don't have the car today so we can't do anything."

"I didn't say we had to go anywhere" I snapped.

Here we go again, the patience of my boyfriend. If he doesn't get his way, it's the end of the world. He's going to whine and bitch all day because John is working on my car.

"Well there's nothing to do." He said.

"You're just being an asshole because you're on something."

He stood up and got near me. Now he's going to try and pull the tough guy act on me because I called him out.

"You're such a bitch." He yelled. "All you do is run your mouth, maybe if I shove my dick in your mouth you'll shut the fuck up." 

I stood up and looked at him. Who even says that? What in the world would entice a woman to want to do that after a guy has acted like Scott.

"Pass." I said, grabbing my purse and walking towards the door.

He grabbed my hair and tried to hold me back. I turned around and shoved him, giving myself enough time to sprint out of the door.

I walked down the sidewalk and tried to fix my hair. Most girls would cry and run to someone if a guy handled them like that, but I'm used to it. Scott is so bipolar and I've just learned to deal with it. 

John has seen Scott swat and me and it made him go haywire. I don't understand why John yells at him though, because I've heard John and some of his ex girlfriends wrestling in his room.

It usually end up they do something stupid and John loses his temper. He pulls them into a room and you hear scuffling and muffled yells. He tends to beat the shit out of them if they 'really ask for it'.

So in other words, I'm surrounded by violent men. 


I ended up calling my mom to bring me home. My car wasn't in the driveway, which confused me.

"Please tell me John didn't demolish my car." I said.

"Not at all." She smiled. "His working on it in his garage, you should go thank him." 

I nodded and made my way down the small path that led down to his man cave of a garage. We lived in a rather quietly wooded part of New York. That's rare considering most of this state is main city and apartments.

I walked in the side door and saw him under the car.  He had it up on a jack, and it looked like he was doing something utterly confusing.

"What's going on here?" I asked.

He wheeled him self out from under the car. His shirt was off and it looks like he was using it as the sweat rag. 

"Doing some spring cleaning with some of the parts on this car." He said, standing up. "Put a brand new battery in and replaced some other parts that were starting to wear away and rust."

"Thanks.." I smiled, walking closer to him. "You're not as awful as you always are."

"What a beautiful compliment." He said sarcastically. I sat down on the bench by the car. He walked over and grabbed a beer out of his mini fridge. He threw a wine cooler over my way.

"How dare you supply the underage." I smiled.

"I'd rather go to jail for getting rid of those bitch drinks." He scoffed, popping the cap off of his beer bottle. He sat down beside me and we took a minute to breathe.

"You're home early." He said, taking another swig out of his bottle. "He piss you off."

"Yeah a little.. " I admitted "But it's no big deal."

"You handle things well. You're not real big on overreacting." 

"Thank you." I laughed. "I just get used to it."

"What did he do." He started to sound concerned.

I smiled and opened my bottle.

"You know you don't have to actually act like an older brother."

"I know that, but considering we're stuck with each other I might as well try and make sure you're not too miserable."

"I'm not miserable." I said.

"Yeah but you're not happy, you're neutral. Almost apathetic, I haven't seen a lot of emotion from you."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I wasn't always like that."

"It was your dad wasn't it?"

"Yeah." I sighed. "I'm not spending all of my time being sad, but I just haven't found anything to help me move on."

I felt him put his arm around me. I rested my head on his shoulder and actually felt pretty appreciative of him at the moment. We usually have it out for each other, whether it's being annoying or taunting each other. This was nice though, having a little support.

"He doesn't handle you with care does he." John said.

"I'm not a glass FedEx package." I laughed.

"I know but he goes after you."

"Sometimes." I said. "It's not anything bad. You do it to your girlfriends"

He looked at the ground for a minute.

"It's different" Was all that he said.

"How?" I asked. 

"Listen.." He started. "My girlfriends in the past tend to be fuck ups. They're heavy drinkers or they can't keep a clear head. I can't tell them enough times not to embarrass me. I have a reputation in the music industry, I don't need to be known as the guy who always has crazy girls. I just get fed up and teach them a lesson. They usually straighten up after a good beating."

I laughed a little at him. "That's slightly sadistic." 

"I'm not a S&M kind of guy." He started laughing too.

"Short tempered." I said. "You're just short tempered."

"Amen to that."


I stayed in the garage with him for a little more before my mom called us to dinner. He had me start my car before that, which sounded brand new.

As much as things don't always go well for us, John wasn't always an asshole.

Just sometimes he was, and I'm alright with that.

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