Technically Not Siblings

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6

Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016



“Audeen it’s mom.” Someone said from my door. I opened my eyes and saw that it was morning already. My eyes hurt from crying so much last night.
“Go away.” I moaned.
I heard her fiddle around with my door knob and it eventually opened. She had a key in her hand, it figures Bill would give her the key.
“What happened with you two last night?” She asked.
“Audeen, Bill and I woke up and heard you two yelling at each other. John won’t tell me anything either. He’s sitting downstairs waiting for you to come to work with him.”
“Okay.” I sat up. “He was just being an asshole last night, it started a fight. You can tell him to piss off because I’m not going to work with him”
“No, mom I’m not doing it.”
“You can’t throw away this job just because your brother and you had some stupid fight last night.”
If only she knew what the fight was about. That wasn’t just some sibling quarrel. That was me wanting to rip his face off for using me, making me one of the next girls to walk by in his life.
“Well I am.” I told her. “I want nothing to do with him.”
“I’m still making you move in with your Aunt if you don’t go to work.” 
“I actually think I’d rather live there.”
She was silent for a minute. I’m sure that didn’t set well with her, but she had no idea how much I didn’t want to be in this house anymore. I can’t live with that stupid asshole.
“I’m not asking you now Audeen, you’re going to work today.”
I sighed and got up out of bed.
“Fine, but you tell him I’m driving myself down there today, he’s nothing to me at the moment.”
“You two are drama queens.” She rolled her eyes. “I give it a couple of days and you two will be fine.”
“If only..” Was all that I said. 
She left my room and I got myself ready for the day. I made sure to have rather revealing clothes on today. The best thing to piss him off, would be to show him what he’s missing out on. I jumped in the car and tried to think happy thoughts, because the studio was the last place I wanted to be right now.
I walked in to see Lou sitting alone by the controls. I took a seat by him and he looked over at me, giving me a big smile.
“Well good morning beautiful, surprised to see you here this morning.” He said. I had a smile built up inside of me. He was such a sweet man, I don’t know why John treated him like shit.
“Morning Lou.” I tried to smile.
“John and Sting went out for lunch. He mentioned you may or may not come by.”
“Kind of had to.” I said. “I guess my mom’s only goal is to make sure I’m employed.”
“Being employed isn’t that bad babe. Especially this job, the freedoms there are.” He smiled. I watched him pull out a joint from his shirt pocket and wave it around in my face.
“Is that all you guys do.” I laughed. “Is being stoned part of the job?”
“You’re damn right it is.” He smiled. He blew smoke out that matched his rather grey hair. He passed it over to me and I had to contemplate if I was really feeling this.
“I don’t know Lou.” I hesitated. 
“If it helps you decide any better, it’ll probably piss John off.”
That instantly made my mind up. Lou and I hot-boxed the studio until it felt like we couldn’t breathe. I really think I’ll start to like Lou more, he’s such a laid back old man.
The door opened and there were Sting and John. They walked in on Lou and I listening to some kind of weird beach music. 
“What the fuck.” John whined.
“Fuck the what to you, my friend.” Lou said. I tried to hold in my laugh. That was such a stupid thing to say, but it’s going to piss him off so bad.
“You’re retarded, and if I find out you fucked anything up in the studio, I’ll kill you.” He told Lou.
“I’ve been sitting in the same chair all morning.”
“Yes, you’re a lazy sack of air-head.” John told him.
“You’re an asshole.” I told him. Lou gave me the big eyes of ‘Don’t try him’ today look.
“You’re calling me an asshole?” He raised his voice. “You’re the one getting baked in my studio when I’m not even here!”
“Exactly! You weren’t even here.” I said.
“You really want to play smart with me today?”
“I’d find it amusing.” 
He walked towards me and looked me in the face.
“I suggest you shut up, and do your job before I retract the offer I gave you. You can be jobless for all I care.” He said.
“You only wanted me to have the job when you were fuc-“
He grabbed my hand and forcefully pulled me up out of the chair. 
“Let go!” I yelled.
“Nope, we’re talking about this outside.”
He opened a side door and pushed me out into the alleyway.
“Don’t fucking do this at work.” He yelled at me. “Leave our personal business out of my studio.”
“There is no personal business with us.” I told him.
“Okay, you think of it however you like, but you need to knock the shit off. You’re being spiteful.”
“And you’re pretending like nothing ever happened!” I yelled at him. “You just want to go on like nothing ever happened between us!”
“Well to you, nothing did.” 
“Because I’m trying to forget about it. You fucked around with me and feelings got hurt, on my end.”
“What you don’t think they got hurt on my end?” He said.
“Obviously not.”
“Audeen, I wasn’t trying to hurt you, at all.”
“Shut up.” I interrupted him. “You were the asshole who slept with another girl not even 24 hours after you were with me.”
“You were at Scott’s.”
“Yeah, and I left that night. I didn’t do anything more than kiss him.” I said. “I was kind of torn between what was going on in my life, I wasn’t trying to move fast like you.”
“I wasn’t moving fast, I just didn’t know we had a title, we can’t have one anyways.” He said. “We can never be together.”
“I know John, I should’ve told myself that awhile ago.”
“Well then there is that, we can never be together and we should stop being pissed at each other. Let’s just go back to being siblings.” 
“One of us is always going to be pissed about something though.” I told him. “At least maybe me, I might have been the only one with real feelings.”
He opened his mouth and the door behind us opened, it was Lou.
“Is everything okay out here?” He asked.
“Yeah.” Was on John said. 
He turned around and went back inside. I followed behind him, taking the signal that the conversation was over with.
The rest of the day went slow. I sat in the back room away from them and organized receipts  from everything they’ve bought in the past month. I tried to lay low, especially away from John.
I heard the door open and he walked in. I pretended like I had no clue he was even here. 
“Everyone’s heading home.” He said.
“Alright I’ll be out soon.”
“Audeen can we talk about this. Civilly.”
“I don’t really feel like it.” I told him.
He pulled up a chair by the desk and closed the door. I wanted to get up and leave, but either way we were both going to the same home after this.
“I’m sorry if I hurt you.” He said. “I was having too much fun being an asshole that I didn’t take into consideration that you actually liked me.”
“I mean I wasn’t like in love with you. I just kind of felt jealousy. I was also pissed at the fact that we didn’t really set any ground rules, you just went and fucked around with other girls immediately.”
“I know, I’m sorry.” He said. “But what about the whole ground rules thing?”
“What about them?”
“Could we still make something work if we set out the rules?”
I smiled at the thought he wanted to make something work out. He must not be having an easy time letting this go..
“I don’t know John..”
“I mean we both have to accept the fact that we can’t ever be together, not if we’re step-siblings.” He said.
“I know this.”
“But if we could make something work out. Like an open relationship, without the relationship part. No relationship doesn’t mean you won’t be one of the most special girls in my life though.” 
“And why’s that?” I asked. “What’s so special about me?”
“You’re one of the most laid back girls I’ve ever met. Then there is the fact that you’re way too hot for me to just pretend to not want to bend you over.”
I almost thought I was going to choke on my spit. I think I’m reaching a point where I don’t know what he’s going to say.
“You’re something else John.”
“I try my best.” He smiled. There was that stupid smile, the one that made me wish he wasn’t somewhat part of my family. Like I wish he was a stranger that I could just run with.
“So what kind of rules are we talking here?” I asked.
“Any kind of rules you want, this is all for you not to get hurt. I want to be able to have fun with you and keep going with my own life. I want you to keep going with your life too.”
“Alright. Well for one, don’t sleep with girls at the house. I don’t want to know you’re sleeping with someone else in the same house as me.”
“Noted.” He said.
“I also don’t want you getting mad at me for going out with other guys. If you get to see either people, so do I.”
“Fair enough.”
“And last, don’t make it obvious. The last thing we need is for people to know. My mom would ship me off to Africa and I’m afraid what your dad would do to you.”
“That’s something I also would fear.” He laughed. “He’s probably beat me into my grave.”
I started to laugh at the thought of Bill beating the shit out of John. It made me feel bad though, considering I launched at him the other night. He smacked me back, but I deserved it.
“Sorry I tried to beat the shit out of you last night..” I apologized.
“Audeen you wouldn’t win a fight with me no matter what.” He smiled. I bent over the small desk and smacked his closest limb to me.
“Hit me again.” He challenged.
I couldn’t tell if he was serious or not, but I slowly walked over to his chair and whacked him right in the chest. He instantly grabbed me by the wrist and flung me over his lap.
“John that hurt!” I yelled.
“Not as bad as me smacking your ass is going to hurt.” He smiled. I’m glad to see he was actually kidding.
“What is this, 50 Shades of Grey?” I laughed.
“I’m not as sadistic as Mr. Grey. In fact, I love when the women smack me a little.” He chimed in. We both sat there for a minute and laughed our asses off. He guided me onto his lap instead of being slung over it.
“I love women too much to beat them.” He whispered.
“You hit women all of the time.” I smiled.
“Some women like it.”
“I’m probably not one of those women.” 
“I know Audeen. You’re one of the weirder ones.”
I didn’t hit him for that one. I guess you could count that as a complement. 
I felt his hands wrap around my waist and pull me closer. I loved the feeling of making up with him, the whole fighting thing was for sure probably not going to last that long.
“You’re kind of a perv John, messing around with your 17 year old step-sister.” I smiled.
“Shut up, now you’re making it sound weird.” He scolded. “Besides, your almost 18.”
“You’re so messed up.” I laughed.
“I know I’m sorry.” He smiled, pulling my face in to kiss him. I put both of my hands on his face, making sure he didn’t pull away.
“Can we have hot office sex before we go home?” He smiled.
“I guess if I have to.” I said. “I am your assistant.”
He gave me a demon-like smile and took advantage of the fact we were the only ones left in the office. I have to admit too that he was so good at everything sexually. He’s like the king of sex.
As shameful as I should’ve felt, we walked out of the studio with smiles on our faces.
“See you at home, since you drove to work without me.” He yelled.
“I hated you this morning!” I laughed.
“Guess you don’t know.” He winked. I flipped him off as he got in his Mustang. He was a world class smart ass. I’m just glad him and I finally made up. To make things better we set some ground rules.
I have to be realistic about this though, no matter what him and I did,
This was not going to turn out well in the end.
I’m asking for trouble..

--new chapter coming soon--

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