how the world came to be

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this is a children's story written as a myth; not a religious myth just one that will hopefully touch the heart's of all who read it.

Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016



How The World Came to Be


Once upon a place beyond time and space before all the World began, there existed a girl with a very special Heart.  What made this Heart so special was that it had the ability to create anything the girl wanted.


And the one thing she wanted most of all was to not be alone.  You see, the girl didn’t know where she came from or how she existed.  All she knew was the darkness all around her where no one and nothing existed but herself.


So in her longings to not be alone anymore this very special Heart of hers created the World.  She watched from afar with eyes of wonder at the World as it evolved, coming to care deeply about all that she saw.  The World was like her Egg for which she cared for and protected as it carried all of her love and all of her dreaming.  This Egg was her everything.  Without it she was nothing.  Without it she was alone.  She also came to understand that the Egg, the World, was her.  As the World evolved she evolved.  As the World created she was being created.  Her emotions were the World’s emotions.


And as she grew through all the experiences of the World, the light of dreaming and hope and love that her Heart carried for the World began to darken.  She started to feel that the World didn’t need her.  No matter how much she loved and cared about the World it didn’t seem to matter anymore.  No one could see her.  No one knew of her and of how much love she held for the World.  


So one day she decided that it was time for the World to come to know her for who she was.  And in allowing herself to be seen she hoped that the World would come to see itself.  For they were one in the same.  For her very special Heart was the very Heart and Soul of the World through which all things were connected.  


From her Nothingness came Everything.  And this Everything came from Her Heart.


That is how the World came to be.


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