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Ms. Lemur rejects all Jack's calls for reason and settlement.
Amanda makes the suggestion that might be the only thing that will keep her brother out of 'the Yard.'

Submitted: June 12, 2016

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Submitted: June 12, 2016




A Novella  

Nicholas Cochran

Chapter Six

Jack Stone lit another Camel.
While he pored over reports from the police as well as those from his ace PI, (Johnny Smith of Patterson: voted best in the Bay Area) he felt a sagging where his heart normally resided. However, that certain heart was creeping up his throat. 
Even Jack could not see the exit strategy on this one.
Reports and witnesses had Percy using the Black Box at the time of his arrest. He had quickly claimed that his brother-in-law had given it to him for safekeeping. Percy had merely been intrigued and decided to try it out; and, it was only to Minneapolis for Christ’s sake; it’s not like he was calling Murmansk.
All these thoughts chased each other around in Jack’s head before he grabbed the phone and asked for the Vampire.

“Yes, hello; this is Jack,” Jack could feel his neck flushing and a slight tumescence down there, “Yeah; hi Melody; are you well; doing ok?”
“Yes, thank you; and cut the crap, Jack. What are you whining to me about this time”
Jack thought he could really come to like this woman.

“Well, Melody; first of all I don’t ask people how they are unless I mean it; and second, far from whining, I’m calling you to let you know I’m making a motion to dump this case to a misdemeanor and take my chances with a real judge.”
“Hi; Melody; still there?
“Of course I am,” you could hear the ice cracking through the wires, “and just what are you basing this motion on?”

“Oh, well, now that would be telling; and I’m not into telling on this case. I feel very strongly about the waste of DA and judicial time on such as piece of crap as this piddling case; and I’m making the motion orally; see you in court.”
Jack continued. “Unless of course, you and your ‘Bad Man’ superior want to save all of us a lot of time . . . and misplaced anger.”

Slowly, cautiously, “What do you want?”

“A misdemeanor, diversion and a fine of the cost of the telephone call plus the hours that you and your Big Bad Boss have put into the case to date and . . .”
“No way,” Lemur cut in, “absolutely not. No misdemeanor; and we want jail time; my superior wants two years in Q.” Having totally regained her composure and snapped on her latex vampire gloves, Melody Lemur deeply inhaled and finished with, “and don’t waste my time if you can’t get your client to agree to our demands, okay? Goodbye.”
Jack held the humming dial tone in his hand and muttered aloud,


He waited until the dial tone ended and the annoying squawking began.
Jack called Percy to tell him that the DA was thinking over their position and that he, Jack, was not going to tell his client any proposal until the DA agreed; in writing.

"Well, why can’t you tell me the proposal; it is my case you know . . .  and your fault as well.”

Jack considered telling Percy what Ms. Lemur’s boss had in mind but decided that he desperately loved Amanda and that Percy would have to be hospitalized if the Q factor was mentioned.
“Yeah, Percy; you’re right. I should never have let you talk me into giving you the box to play with; and I never tell any clients what proposals I’m making until I get the DA okay. Trust me; this is the best way. If I were to tell my clients every proposal I made, they would all have that stuck in their minds and refuse to come off it, and demand a jury trial.
“And most of them would end up going to jail or prison because they put principle before reality; not a good move, Percy.”

After a moment, Percy sounded grounded, “Yeah, well I see that . . .sorta; but what do you think they will want from me?”
Jack had been prepared for this question; it was every client’s question,
“They haven’t decided yet. They’re still looking over their evidence and talking to their witnesses. I also think they’re softening their tone.”
Jack was very careful to stress that it was the ‘tone’ of the DA that was softening, not their position on the case.

Percy perked up somewhat. However, he couldn’t deny himself a good whine. “Yeah, I guess; but I really shouldn’t have this in my head; you better get me a good deal Jack; you owe it to me.”
Jack, softly, “Yes Percy, I do; I’ll call you as the case progresses. Stay safe . . . and cool, man, okay?”
“Yeah; whatever. Bye.”  Percy quickly hung up.
Jack immediately wished he had told the smarmy son of a bitch that the DA was determined to have him cornholed in Q.


BB replaced the Dane file on his desk as he rose to sing “La Marseillaise.”
He followed with a few deep breaths and a few firm jaw settings.
Ever since his accompanying Sammy Seltzer on the bust of Dane, BB had found himself dreaming up new arguments to present to the judge—even a jury—for sending Dane to the joint.
His black phone rang and BB snarled a hello.
It’s that ditzy dame, Lemur; probably wants to let Dane walk.
“Yes Ms. Lemur; what is it?”
Melody Lemur reported her call from defense counsel and her reply.
A faint smile slightly creased the locked jaw of BB; this was a woman after his own hard-ass heart.
“Excellent; excellent, Melody, keep it up; give no quarter to the son-of-a-bitch.”
As he was hanging up, BB realized that his face had broken into a smile. For a moment or so, he enjoyed that rare condition.


After discussing her brother’s situation with Jack, Amanda frowned for a few moments before reaching a very logical conclusion.
She knew that her husband was the best one on one, person to person man that she had ever met—and that anyone else had ever met.
Jack had a gift: a rare ability to completely befriend even the vilest of characters—both male and female—in a matter of minutes; sometime moments.
Even while a Public Defender, Jack was always the one who was ‘pushed off’ to the jail to interview; or reason with any number of horrible and immensely hard-assed inmates; Killer White; serial killer Stanley; Noel Ballkey, murderer of three cellmates.

“You have to go and talk to her boss; the main man, and . . . well, talk with him; it’s the only way—but the very best way, because that is really what you do best Jack; you really do. I’ve seen it hundreds of times over the years. You’re a phenomenon; so go.”
End of Chapter Six

© Copyright 2019 Nicholas Cochran. All rights reserved.

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