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a poem I made when I couldn't sleep

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



I used to wrap myself with blankets,
not because of the freezing coldness
of the rough night winds
but because I believed in ghosts,
shadows and beasts.

I was a naïve girl,

who was scared of horror movies.

I dreamed of them
to be under my bed,
not under my cozy blankets

within me

I tossed and turned on my bed,
"Why the hell does Sleep hate me?"
My eyes were open wide,
though with the dark lavender stripes beneath it,
I knew that from then on,
I could never sleep.

First, it was because I couldn't,
some force was pulling me away from the realm of dreams.

She was whispering something to me.
Something that I used to think was a threat.
I hated it,
hated why I couldn't get my beauty sleep- Lies. Excuses
"Shut up!"
What I truly felt
was fear on her,
How I could never escape
from my head
slowly filled with memories of her blood,
of her perfectly ribbonned flesh.

I tried and tried,
on going to slumber
but you kept me awake for a reason.
One I thought I'll never know

But the next thing I knew,
I was loving the night.
The way star shined
on the cloudless night sky.
For the first time,
I wasn't in pain,
I didn't feel lonely at all,
as if the endless darkness -
that was filled with countless stars
was staring right through me.
The way it hid beyond the illuminating light
reminded me of how I've been
this past few weeks.

The night calmed me,
with everything in silence.
No engine to disturb me,
no passing cars,
no chattering of the passing ladies,
no act to keep my family's reputation.
It was just me
and the darkness that surround.

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