A Tear In My Heart

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A girl with a weak heart has
A jerk of a brother,
an annoying arrogant grandmother,
New surroundings,
And of course problems.

I mean SERIOUSLY. I am that poor girl. That is just unfortunate. A girl who puts up with stupidity and arrogance who has heart problems.
She's just a teenage girl (me duh)
And has normal day to day problems. She has family problems, boy problems, and heart problems.

She has ups and downs and she thinks the world has come to hate her. She believed that they want to get revenge on her.

But throughout realization, recognition and funny situations, she finds out what she was supposed to long ago.

She finally gets the truth all thanks to another person.

Maybe or maybe not another boy

[Ahem. Don't judge me. This is my fairytale and my ending ;) ]

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