Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, Plus

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A comment on Orlando's recent shootings to raise awareness for gay (umberella term) youth

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



Being LGBT+ is having to find yourself

Rather than be the norm:

Straight, cisgender and binary,

“Stay as you were born.”


Truth is we were never born like this -

Any gay child to homophobes knows

Listen to anyone coming out

And they fear for their homes,

Their lives, their sanity,

Their loves, their family,

“Don't come out if you aren't safe”

Says a lot for humanity.


What are you to do

When the world turns a blind eye

And kills 50 people

Oh god they try

To keep silent. Silent.

Hushed words of the gays

While the straights carry on

And live through today


And so many people

Came out to their friends

By the posts on twitter

Saying they met their end.


“Momma they're shooting”

“Don't let me die”

And I hear my friends:

Hearing them cry.


Why do you think

We're afraid at pride?

Some tinge of fear

From those who have died-

And we want to be calm

And we want to live on

And we want to be happy

In a world of our own.


Some people don't like

A bearded dressed lady

And some people can't handle

Two girls holding their baby


While we have our successes:

Gay marriage and respect

We still have to live in fear

From ones we expect

To be safe,

To not be a murderous freak,

To be walking down the streets

And not shriek in defeat.


We don't want straights,

And cis and whites and men

To be less than us,

We just want to make mends

To a world we are afraid of

To make it liveable

For all the gay babies

And make trans kids lovable.


I'm a man as a 'woman',

And I'd like to kiss boys,

Why should that effect you,

Or are you flexing your toys:

Your toys of safety -

You won't get called out!

“Hey man, you're straight”,

Your mom won't call out:

“My baby, my baby!

How dare you be straight!

I wanted a normal gay,

Now cancel your date!”


For me it was easy,

But our world is fluent

So for the sake of your gays,

Join the movement;

Stop Orlando happening again,

Stop the hate crimes on kids

Who just want to love life

And actually live.


So raise your colours,

Make some noise,

Girls love girls

And boys love boys.


Make life safe for the babies

Born to be gay

To be able to be different

From the norm of today.

© Copyright 2019 Marcellinos. All rights reserved.

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