In the Shadows of the Moon

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This poem is about what happens to a boy who was born in shadows and thought that he would never be able to get out. He never spoke out because he thought that it wasn't really his place to do so and he also thought that no one would listen. This could be us. We become ensnared in the shadows of life and we start to think and feel negative things but we keep it to ourselves, thinking that it'll be alright and that we'll get over it, not realizing that it could destroy us.

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



In the Shadows of the Moon


A little child, born in the shadows,

the shadows of the new moon,

had already started dreaming dreams,

of a day that was not to come soon.


This small child, and innocent young boy,

knew his fate as clear as day,

but to no one else did he speak of this,

for what was his place to say?


So this young boy, raised in the shadows,

about him silence he kept,

 and from this he learned how to be strong,

and never once had he wept.


Shadows were the boy's whole shadowed life,

shadows in the day and night,

for it was here that he was confined,

never to find any light.


'My life is made of shadows' he said,

'all I see and all I know',

and he was never satisfied by this,

but he never let it show.


The boy grew older, now a young man,

but still enshrined in shadow,

and never another did he meet,

which made his heart a hallow.


The shadows had consumed the young man,

leaving nothing else behind,

he became like one of the shadows,

the shadows consumed his mind.


His dreams and his fate were so different,

the contrast was vastly stark,

but no way was there to escape this new fate,

his fate to become the dark.


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