The Cabin

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living in the woods, where anything could go awry.

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



I awoke to the sound of the constant drip of water into the shower pan. I dragged my feet down the stairs to the kitchen where I found myself a glass of water. I placed the cool glass against my hot forhead. There was a sudden screaching sound against the window overlooking the couch. I slowly walked toward it and turned on the lamp. Moths gathered against the lit window and startled me.

I went upstairs and found the cat curled up on the couch beside our bed. I hugged him tight for comfort. The winds began to scream through the trees, setting the dogs off in the distance. Two a.m. crawls by and I still can't sleep, because of the wretched ear piercing sound of a chain saw. A few hours later it is completely silent, and a shadow crosses the cieling in our room. I finally had fallen asleep, and awake with the other side of he bed empty. Ira was nowhere to be found, and he didn't work today. I shot outta bed and dialed his number, then realized his phone was broken on the night stand.

I rushed to put on some sweats and ran out the door down the street. I could hear him moaning in agony just below the hill in the road. I approached him and helped him up. He had seemed to be ok, so I had been worried about nothing. I helped him carry the packages he had picked up alone at the post office. Once we got home we sat down together and had lunch.

It was early in the morning now, I hadn't slept. Ira was in the shower when I hear a  loud thud. I hurried down stairs worried his bad knee may have given out and he slipped. I asked if he was ok, but there was no answer. I lightly pushed the door open. A trail of blood lead up the wall and out the window. I went to the back door, hands trembling as I twisted the door knob. I fell to my knees sobbing as I saw Ira placed in the top of a tree. Crows were picking at his flesh. 

I screamed as I awoke and Ira nearly startled to death grabbed me and pulled me toward him. His arms wrapped around me as he kissed my cheek. He reassured me it was only a bad dream and I fell asleep peacefully in his hold.

The cabin isn't just a house that I live in, the cabin is my home, where nothing in my life matters but him. The cabin is somehwere I feel safe, the tender love and coziness of his arms.  

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