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A man sees a strange light coming from his lighthouse

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



Dear Mrs. Darling,

The sun set for the last time today...


The wind muttered about the fields with a whistle, calling mother night to blanket the May sky. The tiny house nestled cosily on a cliff high above the calm waters of the ocean sparkled with the dying of the light. The fading blue tint brought peace to the grain image of the field below the house. Just one small piece of land, only accessible by boat or the long straight road into the nearest town. It’s practically solitary, but one which the devils beneath would crave to endure for a lifetime. The waters churned calmly below the cliff, the clothes hung up behind the house swayed before the background of an endless blue horizon. Many would call this paradise, but for me I simply call it home. I stood in the kitchen, watching out of the window to the field below. Time crawled, as if it was taking it’s time to admire the beauty of now...or to savor it before what’s about to come. As my eyes stared into the flash of an electric sky, raindrops fell. The lightning was not followed by the thunder, but a silence. Silence, but this darkness spoke. The night coiled around the land and the sky became a static grey. My vision softly focused on the tiny flower that sat in the window seal. The raindrops dripped down behind it. A thought creeped its way into my brain. I saw the flower begin to dance, it's pedals acting as arms as they moved in waves. The flower grew a face in its center. It had its eyes closed as it danced, and then opened them to look up at me. It grinned, it’s features were that of a girl..and that’s when it planted in my brain


I felt the vibrations in my throat before I could even think of what I was saying. I felt a tingle on the back of my neck. Fingernails lightly tickled the tiny hairs on my neck. I could picture the nails that tingfully teased me, white and acrylic. I knew she was smiling, the flower mimicked her. As I turned to face her, the face on the flower faded into reality. I looked into her eyes immediately. Her blonde wavy hair was straightened and slightly rustled from the sleep she had before the light packed and disappeared into the clouds. Her face was full of youth, she looked eighteen with those grey and blue eyes. Her grin would jumpstart my heart. People always got it wrong.  Home isn’t a place or where you were born..home is where the heart is. She did not speak, for her eyes spoke in echoes. We stood smiling at one another, my eyes were naturally drooping from the lulling peace of the night.

The peaceful feeling suddenly became dredd. A heaviness rushed into my heart. The waves began to roar and the wind began to howl. The rain blew sideways in thick spray but far apart. The moonlight bled through the stormy clouds and cast a dim light onto the fields. At the end of the fields sat our lighthouse, an old thing which use to guide ships into safe harbor amongst the storms..much like this one. The rain obscured it, only the shiny maroon paint could be seen through the darkness. The field which was illuminated by the moonlight contrasted the darkness of everything else like a spotlight fixated on a stage. The storm grew, and the lightning flashed brighter behind the lighthouse, but it never broke the silence of the sky. As I glared into the distance of the lighthouse, I felt her smile settle but not frown. I began to see something faintly at the top of the lighthouse, a light. It was dim and constant. As I observed it more and more, the violent flashes of lightning up the sky behind it, the light moved. I squinted but couldn't make out anything. I turned to face my love who leaned against the doorway to the living room, looking at me. I walked towards her, my expression the same as hers. I turned to the left and took my plaid jacket that I used during the winter and put it around me. I flipped the hood over my head and went to walk out of the door. I turned back briefly to see her facial expressions telling me not to go out, and that she worries about me. I smiled slightly and then walked out of the door. The silence turned into heavy water hitting everything around me. I adjusted myself and then stepped off of the porch into the rain. I ran down the hill and into the illuminated field, my footsteps splashing as mud and water swished around every giant step I took. I stared into my boots, the lightning reflected in the muddy waters as I kept jogging towards the lighthouse. I reached the end of the field and the mailbox at the beginning of the dirt road leading to the other land across the water jiggled loose and rocked back and forth with the heavy winds. I looked through the heavy mists into the distance of the road, all I could see was a few yards and then black. I turned to the lighthouse and began to jog again to its doors. I opened them, the wind resisting my efforts. Finally, they swung open and I rushed in to pull the doors to close. All sound from the outside was now cut off. It was dead quiet. The inside was dark but slightly lit from the moonlight that peered through the windows at the very top where I saw the light. A breaker box in the wall beside the stairs sat. I flipped on a switch and one by one lights positioned on every level of stairs lit up. They were christmas lights that I had rigged up. I squinted to the very top balcony to see if I could see any signs of life. The sound of the lights turning on echoed through the massive room. I began my ascent to the top.

As I approached the top after minutes of walking, a rustle from the top startled me. I began running up the steps to find what was going on. When I reached the top, I was met with nothing. I felt sick for a moment. Pictures of our wedding day were hung on the walls and a chair sat facing the ocean. I surprised her the day we got married with this view..this house.The lighthouse was where we would come to look out over the ocean to the horizon. The wind outside was becoming scary as the windows rustled and shook. I felt a rumble beneath my feet. The ground shook and I tumbled onto the rail of the balcony. I could hear bricks being crushed and the rumbles tossed me around. I realized that the old lighthouse was collapsing. I screamed for my life as the pisces fell from below and the middle cracked. The top began to fall towards the ocean and I grasped onto the railing hard, clenching my eyes tight bracing for death. The fall felt like an eternity, my adrenaline was spiked and my heart was in my stomach. I felt cold water break through me. My head hit against the railing and then black...I could hear pieces falling into the water. I still had my eyes closed as the sounds stirred around in my mind. My eyes opened slowly to see the roof of the lighthouse ripped open and the cliff was now above me, the bottom of the lighthouse rested at the edge. Water came pouring through as my piece sunk. I swam through the railings and leaped over the last railing. The water beneath me bubbled as the wreckage sunk further into the depths. I thanked god that I was still alive.

When I finally made my way back to my house, she was upset. Torn. She would not speak to me. I yelled at her to listen but she was angry. She cursed god and to me. For the night, I tried speaking to her but she wouldn't listen. I threw things but she just looked in horror and ran upstairs. I sat crying. I was the one who almost died, and she wouldn’t even acknowledge me. The storm had settled but the night was still alive. I sat in the kitchen and doze off  in one of the chairs. I awoke, startled. I stood and pressed my arms onto the counter. I looked up to see the night outside….and... the lighthouse was there. I walked out of the door and through the field and into the lighthouse. I took a seat at the top of the lighthouse and stared into the black waters. It was peaceful, and the wind was whispering softly. I sat for a while, looking at the pictures of us and laughing. I found a photo album and looked through it, seeing me as a boy and my family..never failing to smile in any pictures of them. As time passed, the wind picked up and it began to storm.. I stood and looked out of the side window to the house. The storm was getting bad and I wanted to let her know I still love her and that I’m okay. I grabbed a flashlight I kept up there and shined it in her bedroom window..but never saw her come to it. The storm picked up and I sat watching the waves of the ocean churning hard and fast. Suddenly, a loud creaking followed by wind echoed through the lighthouse. I smiled and awaited my love, I imagined she had wanted to talk now. I peered over the balcony and the lights I had put in began to light up one by one up the spiral of stairs. I smiled even bigger as I looked into them. I went to walk towards the stairs and hit the wall by accident. I grinned and stood, awaiting my darling. The wind behind me picked up so I turned to look into the darkness. I felt sick. I heard her footsteps in front of me so I turned my head back to look into her eyes. Instead of her eyes, I was met with green eyes. I was looking at myself. Then I awoke. The Moonlight peering slightly through the window. I stood from the chair to see her standing there. She began to yell and scream like before, still not listening to me.

The sun set for the last time today…

Delilah, I just want you to notice me. Sometimes dreams are not dreams at all, but fear playing itself out in front of you like an eternal loop…...notice me…...see me……..

The night was permanent…...I looked through the window to see it...I realized something...the lighthouse was there again...I CAN’T see me, because I am at the bottom of that cliff. All I for you to notice me.

To my delilah,

I love you, and I miss you


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