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A really short piece about how friendship and laughter can push back pain.

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016





Sometimes I feel so alone. It is almost as though the world, the entire universe, is against me. It is almost as though it is waiting for me to make a mistake. It doesn't matter if it is a minuscule one or a gigantic one, the world will treat them all the same and taunt and humiliate my error.


Sometimes it gets too much to face. Others around me do not understand how low the world can make me feel. The only one that ever understands is you. You don't say not to be stupid. You don't say just pull yourself together and get over it. Only a real friend will understand enough to lend a hand strong enough to pull me from the swamp that failure makes.


Sometimes when I'm feeling really down I can walk off on my own and find somewhere where no one else is around. I can sit there and summon you with my mind until it is almost as though we are sitting back to back. If I concentrate really hard we can have a conversation. Well, it starts out that way but gradually we let the seriousness lift a bit. You see, you and me, we can always make each other laugh eventually.


Sometimes laughter is the only thing that will see off the demons and the darkness. So if you don't mind I'll picture you with me and we'll create a tiny bubble of happiness like only true friends can and stand against the onslaught in defiance.

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