Living Dead Girl

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A sick and twisted tale of obsession inspired by the great Rob Zombie song of the same name.

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



Living Dead Girl

The alarm clock screamed 6 AM.

The teenager reached over and fumbled for the off button. He laid in bed for several minutes thinking of a way he could avoid going to school. He did this every Monday morning.

Mondays were always the worst for Leland Edwards. It meant another week of useless high school and another week of being invisible to all the other students. Leland did not mind his isolation; in fact he encouraged it.

He did not go out of his way to make friends and he only spoke when spoken to. The other students rarely spoke to Leland. They all thought he was strange. Brilliant, but strange.

Leland heard the annoying voice of his grandmother calling his name. If she did not hear the floor creak from his weight or the shower running after the alarm, she always assumed he fell back to sleep.

Leland mumbled a response as he flipped the covers off and headed for his bathroom. He hated living with his grandmother, but he had no other family. Leland’s parents perished in a car accident when he was two and his grandmother had been raising him ever since. Leland should have appreciated the job his grandmother did in taking care of him, but he had difficulty feeling and expressing thoughts or emotions towards anyone. He would have been happy if everyone got sick and died.

Everyone except Abigail Bathory.

Abigail attended the same high school as Leland but that was the extent of what they had in common. Where Leland was selfish, withdrawn, and bitter towards people, Abigail was considered one of the most popular students in the school. Her pretty looks and outgoing behavior made her a favorite among students and teachers alike. 

Abigail spoke to everyone and everyone to her. She was one of those individuals who could make you feel special by just being in the room with her.

For the last two years, Abigail occupied the thoughts of Leland. He thought daily of ways in which he could talk to her but it was never the right time for him. She either had others around her or he was too nervous to engage her in conversation.

One day Leland was in the lunchroom line with Abigail when she dropped her milk. Leland picked it up and handed it back to her. Abigail flashed him a brief smile and said thank you.

It was a memory Leland carried with him everywhere he went.  It was the first and only time he had been close to her and he remembered how he wanted to reach out and touch her red hair. Only the fear of reprisal prevented Leland from putting his face on Abigail’s neck and indulging in the scent of her perfume.

Leland closed his eyes as the warm shower ran down his body. He allowed himself to think of Abigail responding positively to his touches. In his thoughts, Abigail obeyed his every whim and was committed to pleasuring him. These moments were the best part of the day for Leland. Here, he was king and Abigail was his to do his bidding.

Leland had no idea how long he was in the shower or how long his grandmother had been calling him. His thoughts of Abigail were only interrupted when his grandmother began hammering on the door screaming at him to turn the water off.

A breathless Leland yelled back that he was almost finished and to please leave him alone. Still breathing heavy, his heart racing, Leland finally stopped the shower. When he looked down at his hands he saw they were wet with more than just water.

This was a regular event for Leland and the highlight of his day.



Leland sat in the classroom oblivious to what the teacher was saying.

This was a daily occurrence for him. The self-professed smartest man in the world had little use for school or what it represented.

He knew his science acumen was superior to anyone in the state and beyond. He had been winning science fairs since he was seven.  Scholarship offers came pouring in and Leland had the opportunity to bypass high school but he rebuffed all that was presented to him so he could work on his own experiments. Leland had turned his grandmother’s basement into his own laboratory. His grandmother did not mind. She indulged Leland in most things he wanted.

She had seen his temper when he did not get his way. Once when Leland was refused ice cream, he attempted to burn the house down with his grandmother in it. Leland saw nothing wrong with this because as a genius, he felt he should be entitled to whatever he asked for. His grandmother never told the authorities what happened. She willingly gave Leland the basement, with the promise she would never go down there again.

Leland fancied himself a modern day Dr. Frankenstein. With his disdain for the human race, Leland was determined to create his own life. He wanted a companion that was to his liking.

Leland was given a puppy when he turned ten, but when it urinated in his room, he promptly cut its head off and buried the creature in the backyard. He had started his experiments on animals but was unable to achieve success. The more frustrated Leland became, the more neighborhood pets disappeared. Leland soon decided his lack of success was due to him not thinking big enough.

It was time to stop with animals and create a human.

Leland wanted Abigail but she did not want him, so he decided to create his own Abigail. He had memorized every detail of her face and body. He studied how she walked, talked and laughed. He watched how she interacted with her boyfriend, Rick Dennison, and her other friends. His Abigail was going treat him the same way, if not better.

When the bell rang signifying the end of school, it barely registered in the mind of Leland. He had seen enough. He had gathered all of the information he needed for his greatest project. Materials were not a problem for Leland. He had received benefits from the death of his parents and he put all of this money into his project.

Leland returned home to find his grandmother watching the television. He informed her that he had work to do in the lab and he was not to be disturbed. Leland remained in the basement for the next four days, but on the fifth day the disheveled, unclean teenager roared with triumph when his creation opened her eyes.

Hazel eyes living, but not quite alive, studied the gaunt figure above her.

“Who am I?” she asked.

“You are Abigail Bathory.  You love me and I love you. My name is Leland.”

The girl smiled at the word love. “I love you, Leland.”

Leland reached out and touched the silk-like red hair.  She was perfect. Better than the original because she was his.

Leland spent the next several weeks teaching his creation to be Abigail and how to exist in the real world. He had already programmed her with a genius level brain so she learned things in rapid fashion.

Leland’s Abigail soon grew impatient. She longed to be with the Bathory family whom Leland described as loving and loyal. She wanted to take walks, go to the movies and have public displays of affection with her boyfriend.

She was tired of living her life in a basement.

She asked Leland daily when she could be part of society. His only response was, “Soon Abby.” Leland still struggled with the fundamental problem of two Abigails.

He knew he was the smartest person on the planet and a plan would soon come.

Finally a solution came to Leland and it was the quickest, easiest and best in his mind. He decided to kill the real Abigail.



It was a simple matter to hack into Rick Dennison’s email account and send Abigail a message asking her to meet him in the lot behind the Cumberland Farms convenience store at 7 PM. It would be dark by then. The email stressed the urgency of the meeting and it asked Abigail under no circumstance to call him.

Abigail readily complied. She arrived at the lot on time with a heavy heart. She feared Rick was meeting her there to break up with her. She had long suspected he had been cheating on her but she had no substantial proof.  If Rick was unfaithful, she would break up with him first. Infidelity was the one thing she absolutely refused to tolerate in a relationship.

Leland sat in his car for several minutes. He wanted to prolong this moment. His prey had no idea of the fate that soon awaited her. Breathing heavy and body tingling all over, Leland got out of his car and approached Abigail’s. When he tapped on the window, Abigail at first registered fear but her fear turned to recognition.

“I know you. You go to my school. Leland, right?”

“Yes… yes. That’s me,” Leland responded. He was sweating profusely.

“What are you doing here? I’m supposed to be meeting my boyfriend but he’s already fifteen minutes late.”

“That’s why I’m here,” Leland said. “Rick asked me to come to you and apologize. He’s not going to be able to make it.  I’ll tell you all about it. May I sit in your car, it’s getting cold out here?”

Leland sat in the front seat next to Abigail. It was the second time he had been close to her. The tingling between his legs increased. He feared his whole body would explode before he could accomplish his task.

“I don’t understand. Why would Rick call YOU? I never see you talking to anybody and the two of you are certainly not friends.”

Leland felt heat rise in his cheeks.

“And why is THAT? You and he are too good for me. Is that it?”

“That’s not it at all. I...I just meant you are not the friendliest person….you…you always seem angry……and ….and a little preoccupied…..kind of strange.”

By this time, Leland’s eyes had grown wide and his breathing sounded like an old locomotive. Leland did not know if he started screaming in his mind or aloud.

“Leland, p…please stop! I’m sorry. I...I...did not mean to make you angry. J...j...just give Rick’s m...message and I’ll leave.”

Leland ignored her plea. “You’re just like the others. You think you’re better. Well NOW you make this easy for me!”

Abigail attempted to open her car door but she never achieved her goal. Leland lunged at the frightened girl and clamped his hands around her throat.

Abigail fought hard. She scratched and bit his hands, but Leland could feel nothing save his own hot blood pumping through his body. Soon the resistance became less and less and then Leland heard her utter her last gasp. 

Abigail was still. Leland was not satisfied and so he continued to choke his victim for another two minutes.

Leland was covered with sweat and he soon realized he had his hand in his crotch area moving it up and down.

He felt intoxicated. In his mind he had achieved the pinnacle of humanity. He had created a life and now he had taken one. He felt like a god.

With that thought in mind, he cried out in ecstasy as he felt the familiar wet warmth spread inside the front of his pants.

Leland called to his creation who was sitting in the backseat of his own car.

“It’s all over now Abby. Help me get this…this…thing in my car.”

Abigail Bathory’s body was unceremoniously dumped in the trunk of Leland’s car.

“I will take care of…. this in my lab. You can go home now. Here is the address. Do you remember why you left tonight and the other things we talked about?”

“Of course, my love. And tomorrow at school, I will break up with Rick and tell everyone you and I are now boyfriend and girlfriend. I am yours and you are mine, always.”

Leland felt his body tingling again as his Abby kissed him.

Before she got in the car, she looked straight at Leland and said, “You made me and I am yours. But you must promise to be faithful to me. It is the only demand I have of you. Promise me, please, you will always be loyal to me as I will be to you.”

“I promise.” Leland said.

The new Abigail Bathory got in the car and drove off to her new family.

Abigail’s breakup with Rick sent shockwaves through the social setting at school the next day. The students were even more surprised by her next choice in a boyfriend. Leland was the last person anyone would have expected to date Abigail.

At first the pair was laughed at, but over time people began to accept them as a couple. They were always together, holding hands, kissing or he carrying her books to class. Soon their relationship was considered the standard to which all others were compared.

Over the next few months, things changed dramatically for Leland. He was no longer seen as the school weirdo. Now he was getting all the invites to parties and people spoke to him in the halls.

Leland began to dress different as well. He showered daily and traded in his usual all black gothic garb for more conventional clothes. Leland noticed he was getting more attention from girls too. He heard the whispers. They found him to be cute and smart. He reveled in his new found fame.

The culture Leland once rejected, he now embraced wholeheartedly.

The attention Leland was receiving was driving a wedge between him and Abigail. He no longer depended on her and he resented her wanting to see him every day. Leland soon decided to explore dating other girls. When he informed Abigail of this, she told him this behavior was unacceptable and he was breaking his promise to her. He belonged to her and she would share him with no one else. They argued for an hour before he hung up on her.

Leland lamented how well he had created her.



When the inevitable break up happened between the two, no one was surprised. Rumors of Leland cheating on Abigail had been widespread. Abigail, for her part, accepted how things turned out between the two. She had nothing but good things to say about Leland when his name came up; she remained fiercely loyal as she had promised.

She would smile and say hello whenever she saw him in the hallway. Abigail remained a large part of his life,as he did in hers. They knew their time together was special and it was important to be friends.

One night Leland received a text message from his new girlfriend Suzy asking him to meet her in the parking lot of the mall. It was already closed but Leland did not mind. He knew what Suzy would do to him in the darkened parking lot. In his mind, servicing him was all she was good for anyway.

When Leland arrived, he saw a familiar figure approaching him. It was Abigail.

“Abby, what are you doing here?” Abigail only smiled but Leland was furious. “Wipe that stupid smile off your face! Get lost.  I’m supposed to be meeting Suzy. If she sees you here with me, she’ll kill me.”

“No Leland. I’m going to kill you.”

Abigail sprang on her creator and with her inhuman strength and it was over quickly. Just then, a thin young man emerged from the shadows. He said nothing as he looked at Abigail. He bent down and removed all of the personal items from the body before he effortlessly picked it up and dumped it in the trunk.

The young man walked up to Abigail and gave her a passionate kiss.

“I missed you so much. I never want to be apart again. See you at school tomorrow my love.”

The young man now known as Leland Edwards drove off to his new home.

Abigail Bathory smiled when she thought of her boyfriend.

He was perfect.

As she had told the “original” Leland, loyalty was the one thing she demanded.

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