Mr. Berkley's Class

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Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



Mr. Berkley’s Class

The man seated himself at the dining table. The table was set with the finest china and silverware money could buy; the linen napkins and tablecloth were starched to his specifications. The man at the table felt the splendor of the table added to the enjoyment of the meal. After a few more moments, he picked up a tiny silver spoon and lightly tapped it on his empty wine glass three times. Almost immediately a tall black man in a tuxedo entered the room with a covered tray. Without a word the tray was placed before the seated man.  With dramatic flair, the black man removed the lid to reveal an expertly decorated plate of food.

The man smiled at the food and said, “Looks fabulous, Jens.” Jens returned the smile.

“Will that be all Mr. Berkley?”

“Yes it will. Thank you Jens.” Jens bowed and turned, leaving his boss alone with the finely prepared meal.

Mr. Berkley finished the meal and thought once again how Jens continued to improve his cooking. At first the meat was extremely tough with minimal flavoring, but now each bite was an orgasmic experience. Yes, Jens had come a long way since Mr. Berkley found him in a New Guinea tribe four years ago. He had been half naked living in a hut the size of a broom closet but unlike the other members of the tribe, he displayed above average intelligence.

Mr. Berkley offered the man a lifestyle beyond his dreams and the only caveat was that he remain loyal to him. With the money Mr. Berkley possessed, it was a simple matter to bribe Customs and Immigration to get the young tribesman to the States. From there, the young man was trained in hospitality and soon became the type of servant Mr. Berkley always desired. 

Jens brought unique cooking recipes from his tribe in New Guinea and Mr. Berkley found the two had similar tastes. What started out as talk soon became a dietary shift for Mr. Berkley. He found himself eating Jens’ special dish once a month. It was difficult to curb his appetite for his favorite meal, but he knew discretion was important in this matter. No one would understand he was merely following a basic instinct long suppressed in society. Jens would. And that’s why he was loyal only to him.

Mr. Berkley sighed as he finished the last of his red wine. It amused him how he always equated red wine to blood. How appropriate, he thought.

He rose from the table and began thinking about tomorrow – the first day of school. Mr. Berkley was a professor at the local university. He taught Ethics and he was quite passionate about it. He knew there would be students who took the class seriously and those who did not.

Young adults must recognize the importance of ethics. It is the foundation of our society and all should be well versed in it.

Well, no matter, Mr. Berkley thought, those who see it otherwise will be devoured. He laughed at this statement. The irony was not lost on him.

Mr. Berkley surveyed his students in the lecture hall. They all looked so bright and eager. No doubt his reputation as a taskmaster filtered to this new class and they wanted to make a good first impression. Halfway through his lecture, Mr. Berkley stopped and remained fixated on an empty seat in the back of the class. He remained stock still until one brave student in the front asked, “Uh….sir is everything ok?”

“Yes. Yes, it is young man. I just realized I have been remiss. I have been teaching ethics for the last twenty minutes and I do not know your names. I will rectify this at once by taking roll call.”

Mr. Berkley read off one hundred and four names.

One hundred and three were accounted for.

“Does anyone in the class know Evan Martinez or where he could be at this time?

Another brave student spoke up.

“Sir, Evan Martinez…….everyone knows who he is….or  ...or almost everyone. He’s the quarterback for the team.”

“Very good Mr. Roby, but this does not answer my second query. Where is he now?”

A student raised her hand. “Yes, Ms. Harvey?”

“Sir, you can probably find him at the student center. He likes to hang out there and watch TV.” 

“Instead of attending my class?  How DARE he do that?”

Mr. Berkley noticed his voice rising and he was clenching and unclenching his hands. He felt the anger building as the students began to squirm uncomfortably in their chairs.

Maintain control.

Mr. Berkley suddenly smiled and said, “I am sure Mr. Martinez has his reasons. Let us get back to the business at hand.”

Evan Martinez was used to getting his way. Since he began playing organized football at age ten, he and all those around him knew he was physically gifted. As a result, his young life turned into one large playground. He could do whatever he wanted. Martinez laughed it off when other students were sent out of ethics class to fetch him from the student center. Who the hell was this Mr. Berkley? Demand that I attend his class? He needs to learn who runs things up in here.

The chess match between Evan Martinez and Mr. Berkley continued for another two weeks before Evan decided to take direct action against his adversary. Mr. Berkley had spoken to Evan’s parents, his coach, and even the Dean concerning his absences. All parties gave Evan the obligatory admonishing but none were willing to do anything against the star quarterback. For the embarrassment of being confronted, Evan conspired to pay back his would-be teacher. Evan watched Mr. Berkley and his comings and goings for another week before he launched his plan.

Being relatively simple-minded Evan’s plan was to wear a mask, attack Mr. Berkley before he got in his car and give him a good thumping. Evan thought Mr. Berkley would be easy prey given his small stature. And he was going to have the element of surprise on his side. Three minutes of work and he will have an A in the class. Why stop there? he thought. I want an A plus!

It was 7:30 PM when Mr. Berkley finally walked to his car. It was dark and foggy.

A perfect setting for an ambush, Evan thought. He got out of his own car and quickly closed the distance between he and his prey. Before he could lay a hand on Mr. Berkley, Evan felt two powerful arms clamp around his neck and rendered him unconscious. 

Evan awoke to see Mr. Berkley standing in front of him at a podium. A quick glance around told him he was in some sort of study or library. He tried to speak but his mouth was covered with a thick cloth. He could not move because he was tied expertly to a chair with wheels.

Mr. Berkley cleared his throat.

“Mr. Martinez. Since you refused to come to my class, drastic measures were needed. Welcome to my home. Please get comfortable, we have much to cover and little time in which to do it.”

It was nearly dawn when Mr. Berkley said, “This concludes the lesson. You are caught up with your fellow students now and your undivided attention was most appreciated. However, I must take leave and prepare for the day. And you, Mr. Martinez have another appointment.” 

Mr. Berkley walked behind Evan and pushed him towards a large, tiled room. Inside the room was a tall man dressed in surgeon’s scrubs, complete with plastic face shield. The floor had a drain in the middle and there was a thick spray hose coiled around another chair. There were meat hooks lined up on the back wall with a large freezer.

The meaning of it all began to dawn on a terrified Evan.

“Allow me to introduce you to Jens, my assistant. I believe you made his acquaintance last night.” 

Jens opened a case that revealed several stainless steel cutting tools. He pulled two wicked looking blades out and began to sharpen them.

“I trust he will make more of an impression on you this time. A permanent one.”

One week later, Mr. Berkley walked into the Dean’s office. The Dean had just hung up the phone and he looked tired.

“Dean Parsons, you wished to speak to me?”

“Yes. I just got off the phone with Martinez’s parents. As you can imagine they are quite upset. Coach Benson is having a fit. Police don’t know what to make of it. Kid with everything going for him just disappears. Go figure.”

Mr. Berkley sat silent looking at the Dean, waiting.

“I called you in here because I wanted to find out how YOU are doing with all of this. I know he gave you a bit of trouble but deep down he was a nice kid.”

Dean Parsons put his hands through his hair and said, “Look at me. I, too, am talking as though he is dead. Maybe he will turn up somewhere and this will all be for nothing.”

“I am quite alright, sir. This is not the first time I have lost a student. In regard to young Mr. Martinez, I found parts of him to be quite good. Others parts were tough to swallow though.”

Dean Parsons appeared relieved.

“Glad to hear that.”

Mr. Berkley stood up

“If that will be all Dean…….”

“Oh yes…one more thing, Mr. Berkley. The school is getting a transfer. Another student-athlete. He is going to take the place of Martinez. Word travels fast apparently. By the sound of him, he carries the same sense of entitlement as the Martinez kid. I thought I would prepare you in case he takes your class.” 

Mr. Berkley nodded.

“I understand but do not worry about me, Dean. I eat students like that for breakfast.”

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