What is courage?

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Just something I thought about today and had to get down in paper

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



They sat in silence beside each other on the roof of the old apartment building, Kait's gold eyes scanned the harbour on the horizon as the ships lazily crawled across the water. Jacob sat there, his knees pressed to his chest, he gazed at nothing in particular, afraid to look at Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn pushed her red and orange bangs back from her face, "You know J, I've been thinking a lot lately about running away." He looked up at her for the first time in hours. Her hair was set ablaze by the setting sun and her eyes were made into pools of light accentuated by the olive tone of her face.

Jacob heaved a deep sigh, "Where would you go Kait? You don't have any money, or a car for that matter." Kait shrugged at his remark, crossed her legs and leaned in close to him.

"I was thinking that my options are either another country or another world at this point. My dad hasn't really been stable or reliable since my mom died and everyhting just feels so heavy now." Jacob locked eyes with her, he could see the exhaustion written all over her face.

"Kait, what are you saying?" He asked, his voice shaking.

"If I don't leave this place soon J, I'm gonna die here. As you said, i don't really have the means to get out of here. I'm at my wit's end." she covered her face and turned away from him.

"Let's leave then. Just us. If you're not here, I don't want to be here either. You're the onlly friend I have left."

"Jacob, you know we can't."

"Why the fuck not? You'd rather die than take the risk of just starting over somewhere else?" He hopped to his feet and walked around to face her again. "I get it,okay? You're tired, you're scared and you don't want to fight anymore, but you're also Kait. The Kait I knew has been fighting her demons every day, she doesn't look for the easy way out. Don't quit now."

"I just can't do this anymore Jake!" she yelled. "I'm not that strong, brave girl you thought I was. I have been fighting far too long and I just can't anymore."

"Kait, you are strong. Every day you wake up and fight those same demons that left you so tired the night before. If that isn't fuckking bravery, i don't know what is." Jacob was trembling, rivers of tears running down his face.

"Jake you don't get it, there's nothing here for me. We got our eviction notcie today, my dad lost his will to live after mom died. It's not worth it. I'm not worth it anymore."

Jake knealt beside her and threw his arms around her shoulders. "That's not true Kait, I'm here for you. Where would I be without you? You're all I've had since My dad kicked me out. I'll hotwire my dad's car and take us as far as the gas will get us, But I won't let you do this to yourself."

Kaitlyn buried her head in his shoulder, leaving a wet patch. "Fine, where do you want to go?"


* *    * * * * *

The drove along a straight, empty stretch of road. Jacob was leaning his head against the passenger window as Kait dove. The speakings were pulsing softly with this song. It was soft and ambient.

"Hey Jake?" Kait said, her voice piercing the almost silence of their ride.

"Yeah?" he replied, with a sudden jump.

"Why are you doing this?" she asked pointedly, her voice barely more than a whisper.

"I'm not doing anything. What are you talking about?" he said, his heart suddenly pounding.

"I mean, we're running away but we have a stolen car and no actual plan. I don't know how i'm gonna get my meds and if your dad calls any authorities, we're fucked." She sounded distressed.

"I know, there are so many risks that we're taking. This is what's best for me, for you, for us."

Kait hadn't turned the wheel more than two degrees in the last thirty minutes. She put her head down and closed her eyes for a moment. Jacob could see a wet spot slowly crawling to life in her lap.

"How do you know?" She whispered.


"How do you know Jake? h=How do you this is what's best for anyone?" She shouted, her voice overtaking the music.

"I don't know Kait! Honestly, I don't know what's best for anyone, but at least this way you're still breathing!"

"I know you care Jake, and believe me I appreciate it. I just can't do this, i can't.

"Kait, please."

Kait fell silent and pushed harder on the gas. Another song on the CD overtook the air up ahead, there was a curve approaching, she made no indication of slowing.

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