Lost and Found

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Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



Look I've been lost and if I'm honest I don’t know if I’ll ever be found.

Most times I show up and leave without ever making a sound.

Yet still somehow everyone knows when I've been around.

That’s why I’ll never be found I live my life like it has to be silent.

Only because I know my temper and I try not to get violent.

The reality is I looked at you and never said a word you shed a few
tears feeling like there were a few you heard.

Trust me if I said what I thought a lot of you would feel like you been shot.

If I were like everyone else and the pain I would cause was an afterthought.

That’s why in the end it will always be me that everyone has lost.

Simply because the words couldn’t be found.

The words that when everyone hears wouldn’t fill their eyes with tears.

So I just do me and drift away down another back road and get lost.

I might reemerge somewhere around Ohio’s first frost.

Hoping maybe there’s been a change so the words I'll have won’t come at a cost.

Maybe then I will finally think I should stick around.

So the answer is just be real and maybe I’ll finally return saying I’ve been found.


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