The Door

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This story is about the unintended consequences when a locked door in the house gets finally opened.

Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



The Door

"Dad, I know we have lived here for two years now, but I am starting to wonder what is actually behind that door". "What door",  his Dad asked.

Day in day out Mitch wondered what was behind the door. The thought of someone being behind the door haunted him each night as he tried to get to sleep. The eerie feeling of having an unknown space in his house was really getting on Mitch's nerves.

"Dad, I found it.  I found it. I actually found it!!" "Found what?" " I found the key!"

After searching for days Mitch had  found the key. Without hesitation he called his Dad for the opening of the door. All the excitement came down to this.  He inserted the key, turned the lock and started to pull. Eyes shut, door open, it was now time to look.

He was so excited. He opened his eyes and there, right in front of his own eyes was


"IS THAT IT!" Mitch shouted in fury.  the thumping of Mitch's feet as he stormed up the stairs was like a meteor landing on earth.

Hours went by as Mitch stared at his celing, frustrated and disappointed. Mitch looked out of his window.then to distract himself he started on some of his homewortk.

After a while he got up and looked down onto the vandalized lane just next to his house; trash cans, alcohol and drugs were all down that lane and nobody dared go down it.

Just as Mitch was going to leave, loud noises came from the lane.  Mitch turned his head in horror to see a small child being assaulted. The punches and kicks left Mitch horrified.  Just as he thought they were done, the adult held the kid to the wall, moved his hand back, ready to punch. The mans's fist was about to connect with the boy's face..............then the boy was gone.

Mithc rushed downstairs to tell his dad, who had his eyes glued to the television.

"Dad!" Mitch didn't get a response and then looked at the TV. The reporter was in distress. The headline read "An hourly torture".

She went on and described the run-down town of B. having a nightmare like event.

"The town of Buzz is suffering a...." Then the reporter was gone.  Every hour from then on somebody from the town disappeared. "That is ridiculous, seven people have already disappeared and there will be more", yelled Mitch. "on that note, what time did we open the door Dad, which was a pretty big moment, so you are sure to remember the time?" questioned Mitch.

"Half past ten this morning" was the answer. "What time is it now?" asked Mitch

"Half past five" responded his Dad in horror.

They rushed to the door and opened it.  The smell, the sight of it and the thought of what had happened brought tears to Mitch's eyes. The walls were splattered with blood and rats were eating the flesh of human remains. There in the room lay seven still  bodies.

Weeks went by and more people disappeared. Then one Sunday morning Mitch was all alone, the only one left in town. He went to church to pray.  The church was empty apart from Mitch. The clock ticked and Mitch knew that this bloody and horrible time had come to an end.


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