The Many of Me

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Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016



In the darkness of pain

I feel my body being slain

I begin to fall

To the killer of all

I cannot excape fate

I am in a useless state

I can only crawl away

Even as Death demands I stay

So I pause

Then feel the claws

Rake my spine

Each a bloody line

I am forgotten in time

And I hear my last rhyme


I stand defiant

Against the giant

I cannot lose

Unless I choose

This is your end

Thats around the bend

Give up now

We all know how

How much you'll take

Before you break


Like a blood-red wave

A hunger i cannot stave

But grows with each kill

And each glass I fill

With blood and tears

Feasting on your fears

I am the reaper

Death couldn't be cheaper

Rivers run red

The trees are dead

I move onward

Looking forever forward

To the cries of pain

The piles of slain

Burning pits

Roasting spits

Blood-lust grows

I hear crows

Anger consumes me

Blood is all I can see


Devoid of feeling

But always seeing

I am always here

Always at your ear

no one fazes me

I am always free

Cannot be touched

Contorted or punched

Locked away by three

But given the key

To unlock the gate

And change fate


Child, Solider, Killer, Void, Me

Should i choose one, four, or three

One, soft and ignorant

And always on a rant

Two, forever strong

Can never do a wrong

Three, the bezerker rage

Always beating on his cage

Four, Never feeling

My life he is stealing

All are me

One plus three

Waring parts

Creating charts

Of how to split the day

Or is there another way?

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