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Submitted: June 13, 2016

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Submitted: June 13, 2016




For as long as I can remember all I've wanted to do is write.

Is it the right choice in my life, I couldn’t tell you but that path is one for which im willing to fight?

The words circle in my head and their end is nowhere in sight.

When I was a teenager if you asked me whether this was my path it wouldn’t have been something I’d wager.

However not a few minutes later I’d write you a poem the words sinking in and your hearts where you’d stow them.

Writings never been about making money to me.

 I’d rather just sit back and smile like something’s funny to me.

So long as my words reached the world I’ll leave this world happily.

Don’t get me wrong if it can put a little change in my pocket while I inspire change it won’t give my heart any strain.

So long as in the end I’m still the same and I don’t start writing what will advance me in this game.

I’ll continue to write my story and leave the world without a bit of shame.

Whether I encounter success or failure it doesn’t matter to me so long as me words never become tailored.

I’ll never consider myself to be a failure.

Because my words will always describe me and if you understand what it means then you’ll know me not some dressed up fool on a screen.

As long as my words are portray the way there meant to be that’s all that matters to me.







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