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Submitted: June 14, 2016

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Submitted: June 14, 2016



I'm tired of relapsing.
I'm tired of letting you in.

I can't keep going
Around again and again.

I should know better,
You're just a waste of my time.

But I can't let go, yet
You've got me losing my mind.

I should hate you, but
I'm under your spell.

So I just keep relapsing
Stuck in my own private hell.

An just when I think that it's over
You find your way back to my lips

Pullin' me in with all your sweet talkin'
Beggin' for one little sip.

So, here I go relapsing 
And taking you in

Just when I swore 
It wouldn't happen again

'Cause with, or without, going, or over
I just don't have it within me to stay sober.

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