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This is a story I wrote to reveal people's perceptions of what they really believe in, without leaving any emotional detail behind.

Submitted: June 14, 2016

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Submitted: June 14, 2016






Thousands of years ago, an extraterrestrial race of highly intelligent beings came to Earth to explore and perform experiments, as they were designed to. They came up with a less intelligent species called Man, after failed experimental attempts with the Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus as rejects.

The aliens taught Man agriculture, astronomy, mathematics, and physics. The Dogon of Mali called the creators Nommos (fish people); the ancient Greeks called them the Olympians; Native Americans called them Sky People….

For thousands of years Man flourished under the rule of these mysterious beings, only for one day the beings to disappear without a trace. No artifacts like laser weapons, flying saucers, time machines or any other out-of-this-world technology that exist today, to prove their existence.

Some Ufologists believe that their existence is still strongly evident today. Religion, crop circles, strange lights, and strange abductions, are the chief reasons they give as their proof.

“The Bible, Vedas, Koran and Native American folklore all talk about aliens,” they will tell you. God, gods, and angels all become translated as aliens. Their miracles are translated as psychic abilities and mind-boggling technologies.

Devout Hindus, Muslims, Christians, and Jews aren’t happy when they hear their God or gods are regarded to as aliens. Jonah’s Big Fish is turned to a Submarine; Noah’s Ark is turned to a Huge Space Ship; Krishna is turned to a Chief Alien Ruler.

The Ufologists are ridiculed by staunch, religious people, only for strange abductions and crop circles to surface. The mockery simmers. Truth is clear, plain, and simple. Somehow they come together to arrive to a lasting conclusion, as to what they are witnessing or maybe their ancestors have been witnessing.

Unfortunately, radars and satellites can’t detect aliens’ presence or existence. “They use wormholes to travel….” someUfologists claim. The religious laugh at the idea, and call them “believers” because they know they have never seen a single wormhole, even in infrared or radar detectors.

“Have you ever seen your God or gods?” the Ufologists fight back. They don’t want to be seen as a bunch of superstitious folks (believers). They want to be perceived as scientific and logical in conduct and reason. The religious or spiritual, they believe, are delusional.

They blame the religious for terrorism, suicides, wars, inquisition and massive die-offs of past races.

The religious bitterly reflect on the words and respond by blaming the Ufologists and any scholars closely related to them, for transhumanism, change of gender, plastic surgery and other body enhancements, cloning and destructive technology like thermal nuclear bombs and chemical weapons. The logical folks are blamed of turning the world away from divine providence.

The ridicule and blame-game go on, until when an old clergy interrupts the heated debate. “In this world, I’ve seen many things, and done many researches….” he says, then coughs a bit.

“Sorry about that….”

Then he goes ahead to tell them that both science and belief need each other. He reminds them that sacred texts need laws of science to be created, a sick preacher needs a doctor to diagnose his condition, a guru needs online social sites to communicate with his followers…

“Scientists need counsel from the religious teachers on their limits in scientific breakthroughs,” he says.

As he counsels them, each one of them realizes that what they believe is a reflection of who they are as humans. Everything about aliens or spiritual beings is all about humans’ relationship with each other. The debate finally ceases.

Finally, they conclude it doesn’t matter of their origin or what dogma they hold dear. Aliens become a creation of the mind. God or gods become a divine call for all mankind.

Peace and prosperity for all mankind becomes their chief objectives. They then call themselves “Guardians”.



© Copyright 2018 Teddy Kimathi. All rights reserved.

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