Just for laugh

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Submitted: June 14, 2016

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Submitted: June 14, 2016



Just for laugh

A conversation between the female characters of my short stories when they all came together at a party:

 Reena, Maya, Rakhi, Madhavi and Bani.


Madhavi : Hello, hello, hello everyone! Whats going on, guys?

Reena : Aunty, you are asking us?!!! WE should ask you what’s going on around the globe. Who else can fill our ears with all the news in the world.. :)

Rakhi : Oh, then.. aunty, you have a tough competitor in my house.

Maya : Who, Rakhi?

Rakhi : My mother in law (MIL). And she will win hands down in gossiping and spreading news.

Bani : Look, gossiping is a bad habit. Sorry, I don’t do that nor want to be part of it.

Rakhi : Then Bani, why did you come to party? This is a fun party, not your office.

Bani :  Everyone comes to party to GOSSIP? That’s what you are trying to say? Without talking about others, one cannot enjoy parties?

Madhavi : That reminds me. Last Saturday I went to Sarla’s house for kitty party. The food was so bland and tasteless that I threw up everything the moment I reached home!

Bani : You ate the food and then talking bad about it. Why did you eat it in the first place if it was bad??

Rakhi : (Ignoring Bani) You are right, aunty. Sarla is a bad cook and a bad host.

Bani : You guys are just so catty.. Look how you are making fun of a poor lady—Sarla!

Reena : (Ignoring Bani) Seriously, she has no hosting manners.

Maya : I think one lady in my locality also has such an issue. Malini is her name. She also invariably serves stale food to her guests, but the only difference is the guests will only realize it after 12 hrs of consumption hahaha..

Rakhi : hahaha..aunty, I met Vanita last week. After divorce, she also has started to party-sharty full on.

Madhavi : she claimed a bomb as alimony and now blowing away that money. I heard that she is also involved with a much younger man now.

Reena : But how can Vanita do that. She has two grown up girls.

Maya : Love is blind and has no barriers of age or anything else.

Bani : Nothing like that. Love is selfish and convenient, in today’s age and time.

Reena : why Bani, some bad experiences in love, or what?

Rakhi : who doesn’t have bad experiences?? I also had when I was Bani’s age.

Madhavi : Me too.. but I am not the one who cries over spilt love. So such things never really affected me ever. No regrets, because I got a super rich man (he is super dumb as well is a diff matter hahaa). But its ‘money over matter’, babe.

Bani : Aunty, you are sooo mean. Gosh, I can’t believe I am party to this gossip party.

Maya : Hello, Bani, don’t try and be sooo holier than thou.

Madhavi : Arrey, I read in last week’s newspaper that some daughter in law in MP has been mixing her urine in the tea before serving it to her MIL, but got caught. The reason she said was that she was tortured by her MIL.

Rakhi : Good idea!! Now I know how to prepare tea for my MIL..

Reena : hahahaha.. Rakhi why are you after your MIL, yaar.

Rakhi : hahaha Because she is after me all the time, Reena hahaha..

Maya: Aunty, by the way, did you have any problem with your MIL?

Madhavi : NO way. I outsmarted my MIL. Initially there was a lot of problem. But my dumb husband would take my side always, so MIL never attempted to say or do anything to me. Lucky me. Haha..

Reena : But my husband is very intelligent. Am so lucky.

Rakhi : Look at me! My husband doesn’t have intelligence, nor is he super rich. But he has one thing - a super fussy mother!

Reena : Rakhi, Leave your MIL alone. You are constantly remembering her..

Rakhi : I can’t wait to prepare some “special tea” for my MIL hahaha.

Bani : Yuck!  You guys are just soo mean and bad.

Maya : Look at Bani! Our Bani is cleansed in milk!

Madhavi : Bani -- the angel.

Rakhi – I wish everyone should get a MOTHER IN LAW like Bani (sigh).

Reena : hahaha

Madhavi : hahaha..

Rakhi : hahahaha

Maya : hahahahaha..

Bani : sorry, this is not funny. I don’t want to be here with you guys. I am leaving.

Maya : hahaha.. She is such a SILLY thing.

Madhavi : SILLIER than my husband haha..

Rakhi : MORE SILLIER than my MIL, haha

Reena : you will not leave your MIL alone, will you. Hahaha..

Bani  left the party thinking.. this is the real WOMEN – catty, convenient, selfish, gossipmongers, mockers and MIL haters and much more….  Women are supposed to have these qualities..  If they don’t have, they are considered SILLY..

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