Just One Punch

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Alcohol leading to irrationality leading to aggression leading to that one single punch that ends someones life.

Submitted: June 14, 2016

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Submitted: June 14, 2016



Just One Punch.


You've been down to the pub

You've knocked back a good few

There are plenty of people

Who aggravate you.


There's one over there

Eyeing you girlfriend

What sort of message

To your friends does that send?


And look at him now

He's getting so leery

You'd be able to cope

If you weren't quite so beery.


Your anger is building

It's growing so much

Your sanity's fleeing

It's losing it's touch.


You stagger over

You pull back your arm

You are so mad

You're intending to harm.


That fist that you make

To aim at his face

Lands on his head

In just the wrong place.


He falls to the ground

Where he remains still

The alcohol haze

Is making you ill.


You cough and vomit

You stink of stale beer

But with less in your system

Your head starts to clear.


That guy is still slumped

In a pile on the path

What have you done?

You hysterically laugh.


In the heat of the moment

You've taken his life

Your hand as a weapon

As strong as a knife.


Here are the police

Come to make an arrest

They'll take you away

And your sanity test.


But you know you are guilty

When it comes to the crunch

You should have held back on

That one shot death punch.


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