The Town That Was Silent

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Submitted: June 14, 2016

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Submitted: June 14, 2016



Chapter  1:  BANG BANG !!  GET AWAY FROM ME !!! BANG BANG!!! Oh my god . Mom dad anyone if you watching this please  know  that i love you and i'll do any thing for you . BANG BANG . It found me i thought it was a myth but like i said remember i love. BANG BANG BANG . I love  you Bye.   Ughhh why do we have to move to this place its weird and full with old people. Stop  acting like a cry baby. I said to  my girlfriend maggie. Shut up it's  just that i Don't  like this place that one girl died at this place . That was 2 years ago maggie  trust me . There nothing to worry about. We got to are new house and unpacked. This town is sure silent i said yeah i know maggie said back i wonder who lived here before  us . I Don't know but im about to order some pizza im burn out from all that work. Knock knock pizza here maggie yelled from the bathroom  i ran to the door but no one was there umm hello . I shut the door back but then i heard the door knock again i open it and the pizza was here i heard maggie yelled from the bathroom thee pizza  here i payed the mand he left once maggie got out the shower i asked her if she yelled if the pizza was here two times. No i only yelled once why?  Maggie said. Thats weird  i thought i heard you said it two times. Just eat the pizza  your just hearing things .We ate the pizza and it was good. Im tierd im about to go to bed maggie said softly i followed her to are room. Uhh this feels good a nice warm bed goodnight hone goodnight baby. BOOM BOOM what the heck is that noise  at 3:00 in the morning  BOOM BOOM. I heard my front door open up slow and big deep footsteps walking  in i grabbed maggie and told her to go in the closet and be quite i grabbed my 12 gauge and left the room i can hear the deep footstep and cracking body downstairs i ran downstairs and saw the deep footstep cracking body looking at me smelling the air but it did not chase me are try to run up to me . I begin to walk towards it and begin to move to me  i stop it stop i heard  maggie running from upstairs and saw another one of the deep footstep cracking bodys. Nooo!!! Maggie stop it grabbed maggie and took her into the darkness one of dark black cracking body  was in my face i could not move are speak because it can oly feel your movement  i came closer to me and then it crawled upstairs i aim my gun at him ans shot at it . It jumped on the wal bullets are to slow for them it was crawling on the wall and the celling i begin to walk to the livingroom but when i look  in it i saw a black dark long body and it eyes was bright red like the devil it begin to yell welcome to Hell!!! I ran to my front door  and open i could hear the deep footstep cracking body chasing me the black dark long body was laughing i ran to my car and  spun off from my drive way. What in the world was that about  i said to my self. I looked in the back of my seat and saw some thing long in a black bag just laying there i Didn't know what to do i pulled over and grabbed the bag and i felt warm wet liquid i looked at my hand and it was Blood i open the bag and it was maggie  oh my god i grabbed the bag and dumped it in the ditch i got back in my car and try to start it up but it was not starting up. Come on don't do this to me now i saw something walk pass the back of my cari looked back it was gone i turn around  and saw a woman in front of my car she was in a white bloody dress it started to walk towards me it walk all the way to my window and looked  at me she had no eyes and her tongue was gone she started to scream nonstop i heard deep breathing in the back of my car and then i felt  a cold hand touch my shoulder the woman  was gone but i Could still hear the screaming i got out of my car begin to run it was pitch black and i Didn't know where i was  the screaming stop but then  i heard soft music play i Didn't stop to see what was going on i just ran.  Vroom Vroom i heard a car engine  behind me i turn around and Could not believe my eyes it was my car and no one was in it. Vroom Vroom !!! I started to drive my way i knew i Can't out run a car so i had to run into the woods  . The car slam on the brakes. I was running in the woods  and i heard the car Vroom Vroom. I heard the deep footstep cracking body i heard the woman screaming  and maggie voice  my eyes started to  go blurry and white i stop running and felt hands touching me and people whispering in my ear. I closed m eyes and open  it. When i open it i was in the hospital. I got up to see if anyone was here. But When i looked in the hallway  all i saw was a dark black image  coming my way ..... The End PART 2 Coming SOON

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