Yell It Across The Room Part 2

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A sequel about a family that cusses.

Submitted: June 14, 2016

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Submitted: June 14, 2016



Yell It Across The Room Part 2

By Shadowgate


When Clyde Free showed up to court the police officer and the teachers who were scheduled to testify didn't show up. The judge threw the case out.

Clyde went on to school that day but when he got home his mother Diane said "you're lucky things worked out for you."

Diane stated "you're very lucky things worked out for you in court Clyde."

Clyde stated "I know I got to keep my money."

Diane said "well look you can't be cussing in school."

Morton jumped in and asked "whatever happened to the Goddamn time out chair?

Diane answered "the time out chair isn't for tough tall teenagers who cuss out their teachers."

Morton said "well considering how unfair some teachers can be they should have their careers put in the time out section permanently."

Diane said "well yes but at the same time you have to admit some kids are evil."

Morton said "well we know our son isn't evil and we rarely have to yell at him from across some Goddamn room."

Diane decided to point out "well all the cussing at home sure isn't the best influence."

Morton said "I own this house I'll cuss all I want."

Diane said "yes you'll cuss and you'll yell any fucking cuss word across whatever Goddamn room you're in."

Morton said "well I consider us lucky that things worked out. These judges just want to punish children for something that isn't even a fucking crime. I'm glad he was found not guilty and I'll yell it across the Goddamn room. I'll yell it across the Goddamn neighborhood."

Clyde said "dad really hit the nail on the head this time."

Morton said "Goddamn right I did."


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