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A child like robot is abused by its' creator.

Submitted: June 14, 2016

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Submitted: June 14, 2016



Copper woke up suddenly. Fear enveloping him. He looked up at a nearby clock, frightened by how late he was. He flung up onto his feet, taking the broom from the closet and sweeping immediately. Trying to regain the time he lost by sleeping in, although his efforts were going to be fruitless. 

Tim unlocked the lab door and walked in. "Still stuck on sweeping?", he growled,"This is the second time you've been behind!".

Copper stopped sweeping and looked away from Tim. "Sorry", he muttered, holding onto broom. 

Tim smirked. "Being late will result in punishment", he said. Copper got teary eyed. "I can get it done, please! No punishment.", he whined. Ice cold fear gripped the little robots body, memories bubbling up from bad past experiences. "I don't want to feel hurt again.", Copper cried. "Bad robots get harsh punishments", Tim said with a huff. He mainly wanted to use Copper. He lost two other robots and this one he wanted to use as much as he could while he still had it. 

Copper cried. It was overwhelmed with fear, and feeling disappointed in sleeping so long. Why did his body make him sleep too long? Was he a naturally bad robot? The thoughts tormented him. 

Tim walked over and grabbed the small robot  by the hair, tugging it over to an examination table. Copper followed obediently, not wanting to upset Tim any further. "I'm sorry", the little robot begged, hoping for some sort of mercy. 

Tim leaned over and picked up the robot, laying it on the table. "After this rounds punishment you'll never get your chores done late again.", Tim hissed. Copper curled into a ball, afraid of what was to come. Tim grabbed the little robots arms and forced it to lay on its back. The robot seemed prepared for a rough experience already. How it looked made Tim smile. He liked seeing it suffer. "Don't move", he commanded, while going over to a drawer. In the drawer was a few sex toys Tim had stored. He pulled out a dildo and walked over to Copper. Copper had covered his face with his arms, trying desperately to hide his tears. He knew Tim would get after him for acting like a baby. 

Tim stood near the table, looking over Copper's exposed body. "Press your button", Tim commanded. Copper sobbed, and trembled. Hesitantly the little robot moved a hand lower down his body and pressed a button near the crotch that revealed a hidden opening there. Tim moved the dildo into the hole a little. "Remember this", Tim commanded, a flair of arrogance in his voice. Copper felt the tip of it in the hole. The little robot's body sent signals of pleasure as it scanned that an object was indeed inserted in. Copper moaned and trembled. Tim then suddenly forced the dildo in as far it could go, ramming Copper's insides. Feelings of pleasure changed to errors and alert signals. Copper screamed and squirmed. Tim began thrusting the object in and out. Sometimes keeping it reasonable, other times brutally ramming it into Copper. Copper had no where to grip. He balled up his hands, trying desperately to handle what Tim was dishing out. A mix of pleasure and alert signals flooded his command center. It was an internal hell.

Tim pulled it out after a few brutal thrusts. "Do you realize your mistakes, and that you deserve this punishment?", Tim asked. Copper heaved out ragged breaths. His body shivered. "Ye-ye-ye", Copper couldn't speak properly as the signals still ran through him. 

Without warning Tim rolled the robot onto its' stomach. Copper was about to regain a stable conscious, but suddenly the robot felt as something was inserted back into it. Tim pushed his flaccid member inside of Copper, and thrusted into the little child sized thing. It felt amazing. Tight, yet not too much so. Copper was dragged back in mental limbo by Tim's action. Signals kept hitting the little robots brain "this is good", the signals said, although Copper felt horrible, tired, and humiliated underneath the signals. Tim thrusted in a rhythm, making the signals of pleasure intensify. Copper moaned and whimpered alternately. The last thing Copper remembered was the movement of the object inside. A haze of intense hellish signal overload, and then suddenly shutting down. 

The next thing the robot knew, was it had awoken on the floor. Copper's body ached. It sat up slowly. A haze of recent errors lined up in its' mind. "Tim", Copper whispered through the cluttered thoughts. "You woke up late again, Copper", Tim said from somewhere nearby. Tears formed in Copper's eyes. How? How could he have slept in again? Why couldn't he do something so simple as wake up? Copper sobbed. "You know what happens now", Tim said flatly, watching the little robot struggle to pull its' self together. He gained a form of sick amusement from this. Copper sat up. "Please. I didn't mean it.", Copper spoke softly, "I'll wake up on time again next time". "There is no next time! You do it right the first time", Tim growled. 

Copper struggled to his feet. Thoughts of perhaps fleeing crossed his little robotic mind. Before his feet could move Tim grabbed him. He was thrown back on the examining table. Copper went limp. He had given up trying to do anything. Everything he tried had landed him in trouble. He was dragged to the end of the examining table, his legs spread out by presumedly Tim, but he didn't care to look. A familiar signal came back to him as something went inside. "Tim", Copper pleaded feebly. "If you keep talking I'll do this three more times! How about that?", Tim said hottily. Copper kept his mouth shut, even trying to muffle the moaning with a hand. The thrusting had continued. Copper tried to hang on to till the end. Maybe if he stayed up and didn't sleep he could be on time. Tears streamed Copper's face as his ability to think and act was stripped away from him by the thrusting coming from Tim. He felt Tim slam into him and a warm liquid fill inside the hole. Copper stiffened up. This feeling was so odd. It felt like something forbidden was put into him. Tim pulled out and put his member away. "See you next time", he said without remorse. Copper pretended to be out cold. He listened as the lights to the lab were shut off and the door shut. Copper sat up after waiting a few minutes. His breaths still ragged and frequent. "Why", he mumbled out loud to himself, "Why do I get myself in trouble". The experiences had traumatized him. His little body felt weak and pathetic. His inward feelings were of guilt and shame. Hot tears continued flowing down his face. "Bad robots... Get harsh punishments.", Copper said repeating what he remembered Tim saying to him. Pained signals sparked through his body. Not physical ones, but mental ones. "You're bad", flooded the little robots mind. Copper couldn't handle the torment of being online any longer, and despite the fact he'd probably over sleep, he turned off in order to return to the bliss of being shut off.

Copper was turned back on. He wasn't where he was before. He was pressed against the wall. "Open your mouth", he heard his creator Tim command. Copper did so. Tim brought his member into Copper's mouth. "Move your mouth up and down it. If you do a good job Ill leave you be today", Tim added. Copper bobbed his head up and down Tim's shaft. The fear and shame from before had begun to fade and be replaced with feelings of being a worthless being. Copper admired his creator, he tried really hard to do his best for him. Tim was getting impatient with Copper's slow sucking. He grabbed the robot by the hair and thrusted into it's mouth. Copper gagged at first, and tried to back away, but eventually submitted to the action. 

Tim came into the robots mouth and pulled out. "Good job this time", Tim said. Copper slumped to the floor and curled into a ball.

The next day, Copper felt no motivation. Chores seemed too daunting to try, trying to be helpful seemed impossible, and getting any kind of praise seemed far from reality. Tim had come the day after, annoyed by the lack of work Copper had done. 

"If you're going to be like this I'll use you for other things.", Tim said, grabbing Copper and dragging him over to the computer. Tim wrote up a simple code that would relay some simple phrases through Copper's mind repeatedly, things like: Worthless, you're terrible, and try harder, would grace the little robot's mind. Tim plugged Copper into the computer and ran the code. Watching Copper with curiosity. The robot didn't react at first, but as it ran Copper eventually began to break down dramatically. He grasped his head with both hands, staring wide eyed off into space. His mind couldn't take this kind of abuse any more. Tears ran down Copper's face. His mind had melded into one unison thought. He wanted to die. He fell to the floor with a thump, whimpering. A distress call escaped from his coding. In less than an hour a pair of robots arrived confronting Tim. "We got a distress signal! You need to stop abusing your robots!", one of them said, picking up Copper and removing him from the computers connection. 


I'm sorry if this is terrible, I did it on a whim on my iPhone...




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