Storm of Insanity

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A storm engulfs the world and traps a school full of students inside. Will they go insane from the enclosed enviroment or will they survive trough the storm.

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



Chapter 1:The Fools Coffin

I am Ares altough my name is of little importance since I am just one of many. Some days ago a storm created floods and trapped us inside the school everthing outside is flooded so the teacher made the decision to close the exits and first floors. I guess is not that bad i get to socialize with my friends and the women I love. First and most of all is my little brother Adam he is my twin and execpt for his small stature so he looks shares my average face, with pale skin. we have a a somewhat masculine, angular jawline and pencil-thin lips. Regular green eyes that come with the family even our great grandfather had them, as well as short black curly hair. Then there is Robert he looks chinise facialy but has tanned skin  and is quite small in stature  being just four feet tall and his long striaght black hair does not mix with him at all. The groups sort of leader Richard who is a tall male his muscles are clearly outlined but not ripped  and has striaght blond hair. If there was ever a picture of what hittler wanted for humanity that would be him and finnaly but not least the joker of the group Eric who seems to be missing .


After talking about things such as 'world domination' and conspiracy theory with my friends just to lagha t our youths and believe we are some sort of smart nerds we get worry on the issue that Eric has not showed up I bring it up by asking for him. ''Have you guys seen our Eric around we can't make jokes without him''. Is what i said without knowing the anwser would come seconds later when we heard a scream coming from the girls bathroom. We usually ignore the petty issues of the schools but this time it sounded urgent like a fight broke out and someane died. Worried for our missing friend we ran out the classroom where I saw the girl I had fallen in love with comforting her friend and the body of our Eric stab into the  wall of the bathroom his abdoment missing exposing his ribs and organs out in a bloody mess . The sight made me vomit and be shock in horror . who could do this?...Why would someane do it?... And most of all how did he do it without nobody hearing or seeing it?!...This questions would cloud my mind from the anwser which to my surprise in the events to come would be closer to me than I could ever imagine.


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