The Spaceship

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Planet Zargon's survivors have lived, doing their best to survive extremely cold conditions and blood-thirsty creatures (smudgers). A prophecy foretells that one day everyone will go to the center of the galaxy, the Source of Consciousness, with the help of a spaceship. The prophecy is the only hope for some people's reason to exist and dream about a bright future for their children.

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



It was dark, cold, and misty. All the rivers and lakes were frozen. Planet Zargon had been that way for the past three thousand years.

“I am hungry mum,” Kara cried out.

“Let’s wait for the smudgers to leave…..”

Kara and her mother were part of an isolated community living inside a ship, which sat on frozen ground. The ground was once a deep ocean, filled with whales, sea weeds, and giant butterfly fish. Landmasses buried in ice and snow once had homes, roads, amusement parks, and other provisions a normal civilization should have.

Everything in Zargon changed when two of the most powerful kingdoms, Celtia and Trasin, used thermal laser missiles against each other. Mountains erupted everywhere, billions of people died, and climatic temperatures suddenly dropped.

Six months after the aftermath, millions more died from starvation and cold. A new breed of animals and plant species sprung up after hundreds of years. Of all the various evolved life-forms, the smudgers were the most dreaded. These blood-thirsty gigantic bats had a craving for human blood.

To ensure survival, people divided themselves into groups they called communities. It didn’t matter whether one had Celtian or Trasinian blood running through his or her veins. Each community had guards, scouts, and doctors. Kara and her mother were lucky enough to join a community that lived in a ship made from steel. Scouts were the most vulnerable lot, because hey spent most of their times outside searching for food and herbs.

“A Spaceship will take you to the centre of the galaxy, and revive your world anew with hope and rebirth!” a seer once said.  What made most people to feel doubtful about the prophecy was that the seer existed almost three thousand years ago – three hundred and forty three years after the aftermath.

The few who had hope about the prophecy constantly gazed at the cloudy skies, hoping to see a savior or saviors hovering in their space ships. Legends had been created and passed on from generation to generation, with the sole purpose of giving children something to believe in.

“They will come with a fleet and take us to our new, beautiful home at the centre of the galaxy…..” the children were told. Kara hoped that the saviors would have enough food to feed a community of two hundred men, women and children. She also wished that the food would be sweet to eat, unlike asparagus, lettuce, and spinach, which were grown in the ship.

The vegetable supply was continually being rationed, because of the increase in population. Sooner or later the community had to turn to eating game meat of creatures which themselves had a sweet tooth for human flesh. This meant risking more lives from the ship by sending more scouts.

Meat was a very rare delicacy to come by. The smudgers had hunted almost every game they came across, including humans. The only option for survival was hunting down the smudgers. Everyone knew that that was the last resort, whether they favored the option or not.

An attempt to hunt at least one smudger had been tried before, though later on resulting to serious consequences. Kara’s father was part of a twelve-man team, that disappeared in a hunting expedition five years ago.

Search parties were sent to search for the missing hunters across the frozen ocean. Smudgers and chilling winds made the search difficult to conduct, forcing the searching to stop.

At times her mother shed tears when she remembered the last hug and last kiss they gave each other affectionately, before he left the ship. Kara had no single shred of image or recollection of her father’s voice. He vanished when she was about to turn two years.

“Are we going to die mum?”


Kara’s mother knew that it would be insensitive to say that everyone would die. She found it wise to give her hope in the face of defeat. Death, she thought, was better if someone didn’t s see it coming, especially for a child.

As mother and daughter embraced each other in the midst of welling tears, the clear, night sky slowly began to show. Stars were unusually close to each other and the night sky as bright as dawn. Smudgers retreated into their caves in panic-they hated light. Ice was slowly beginning to melt, exposing fish and whales preserved through time – meat was then available for every community.

Light from the stars was making the ship’s stainless steel parts to glitter. Air was slowly becoming warm. Life seemed to be gradually returning to what it used to be three millennia ago.

Kara’s eyes were glittering with awe as she stared at the glittering sky.

“Mum, look!”

Her mother smiled, her lips partly open in amazement. Tears of joy welled down her face, as she looked up.

“The prophecy has really come to pass my dear!”

Planet Zargon was the space ship that the prophecy talked about. It had slowly drifted into the centre of the galaxy for hundreds of years. The strong winds and thick clouds were as a result of its drifting in deep space.

Tears of joy flowed on almost every person’s cheeks, as they gazed at the sky. A sense of harmony and bliss gradually filled their hearts. Zargon was right at the abode of higher consciousness. A Golden Age was assured to come to be.



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