The Boogeyman

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story of my muse, Boogeyman, also Boog for short.

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



In the year of 1982 there was a man walking down the road, looking for a great place to stay at, but he just started smoking some cigarettes and coughed a bit, he’s having some bad lungs right now, he’s been smoking all the time in his life, smoking and smoking and smoking, he felt like he’s about to die soon.

But while walking alone and feeling a bit depressed, he spots a strange person who came up to him, " Are you the man that has some problems with life and need some help with?" The one that is smoking nodded, " Yeah, what do you want?" " I'm gonna let you take this pill when you get home, it'll cure everything." " What if this is a trick?" " Nonsense! It ain't a trick, it'll make you look younger, stronger, and never have problems like cancer."

He stopped smoking and took out the cigarette, then sighed," Alright, gimme the pill." The strange man gave him one pill and walked away, he then got back home and took out a beer bottle and drank the pill, he didn't felt different, but he thinks that it might work in the morning, so he went to bed and sleep.

When morning came he woke up and didn'tfelt different, but he went to the bathroom to see if he had changed and when he did he gasped, he had changed.

He grins a bit when he sees that he looks like a bad ass, " Oh I fucking look amazing! The pil worked!" When it turned night time he went outside and met some ladies, he smirks and went up to them, " Hello ladies~" The girls looked at him and screamed, running away from him. He was confused, but when he looked at himself he had dark skin and claws.

He gasped in fear and looked at his reflection on a window and what appears to be that he turned into some kind of a monster, he screamed in fear and ran, when he tried to step in the street light, his skin was burning and he scfreamed in pain and got out of it,

He stares at the street light and looked at himself, then gripped his fists and tried looking forn the man that gave him the pill, he was not very happy when he tried finding him, he soon found the old mans house and entered, looking around and growled," Son of a bitch! Where the hell are you?! Show yourself and tellme what was in that damn pill!" There was some evil laughs in the house as a succubus appeared, " What~? You don't like it~? It fits you well~"

His eyes widen when he sees her, he never seen such a beautiful demon before, but shakes his head and growls," Change me back! NOW!!!" The demon laughed," Oh silly, that was a curse pill, I can't change you back~" His eyes widen, then they narrowed when he tried attacking her, she disappeared and he appeared in some strange dark world, he looks around in anger, but his anger slowly fades when it came to sadness.

He was now crying in fear and loneliness, he wished to be back to normal, after thousand years he was stuck in the world, trying to survive, till a woman came out of a portal and smiled at him," I sense you're not from this dimension." He looked at her, then looked down, " I... I can't be like this..."

" Well you've been cursed by a Succubus, but I might teach you the ways of a curse." He looks up at her, surprised. " Now comealong darling, and what's your name." He then stared at himself, then looked at her again and said, " Boogeyman..."

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