Life of a College Graduate

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Just my life, and my bitching.

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



My life after college; I know, I have nothing to complain about, I do not deserve something simply because I exist, and I should be able to get a good paying job (to pay off college) if I simply look harder. Yeah, and if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass on lily pads. Don’t get me wrong, I know that I am not entitled to anything purely by existing. College is a fucking joke now. I completely understand that college used to be something to truly strive for, please don’t get me wrong about that. However, now college is far too over-hyped, over-priced, and under-thought. If that isn’t plain enough, I shall explain.

My entire life, I was told how great I could be and what great and life-changing things I would experience if and when I went to college. I would get the best education engrained into the deepest parts of my brain in college, and that college could ONLY help me. I was told that I could never regret going to college, and that I would have wonderful, blissful stories and experiences to recall upon later in life. My happiest memories from college include the random times with my roommates where we’d stay up until 2 in the morning drinking and watching movies, or drinking and doing homework together, and a few days in classes where the teacher would admit how we really needed to know this one thing that the textbook (which cost between $100 - $300) didn’t cover.

Considering that I went to college for Culinary, please understand that I enjoyed the classes where I would be in the kitchen. I enjoyed SOME of my classmates, decided to live with a few of the classmates that I really liked.

I went to school in a big city, where I also worked with a fairly well paid job. I soon realized that I might be able to save money if I moved into a house on my own back in my hometown and made the hour commute to work and took online classes. I was able to do it, be then family issues came up and I felt the strong need to go visit family across the country. So I was forced to quit my well paying job and find a job in my hometown that was somewhat less well paid. After several months, and after my fiancé got a job as well, I decided to quit my job, fully planning a small break, where afterwards I would easily find another job. That was over a year ago. Yeah, my plan of easily finding another job, not very well planned out.

Now I spend hours many days searching for a job within town, my fiancé has the car most days so traveling far would sort of screw-over one or both of us. I’ve been working on creating my own business, a bakery, which would greatly help me out after I get it going. I have found a few online sites where I can do surveys or transcriptions for small amounts of money. I have gotten better at crocheting, hoping that I might be able to sell the blankets, scarves, and such that I make. I have spent hours writing and typing my soul away hoping that my constant-writers-block-head would come up with something good enough to possibly be able to be sold. I have looked into online streaming to see if I could do it, as well as if I could financially start it. And the answer is no.

The only jobs that are available in my hometown are truck drivers, fast food workers, or temporary/seasonal work. I need more than that. No, seriously. Since my fiancé has the car to take him to work and back, if I got a job as a fast food worker, or temporary worker, I would need the car during the day, and would therefore need to take him to work in the morning and pick him up afterwards. The gas alone would pretty much be my paycheck. And an absolute waste of time. Now, if I were to get a truck driving job, I would first need to do the training, which could take a week, or it could take a month. And either way, I’d need the car to go to these training sessions, and would still have to take him to work and pick him up from work. Then once I started to drive the truck, I’ll most likely be gone days and nights straight. Therefore, not home to help my fiancé. I’m not saying that the house needs a woman to run properly, I’m simply saying that we are a team, and as such, he needs me to help him and I need him to help me. Ignoring all this anyway, most of the truck driving positions that I might be able to apply for don’t offer the training as part of the job. Most others I would need to pay for the training.

Now then; let me stop whining and complaining about very real problems. I know that not too long ago, it was common to pay of college, while attending college, with a simple job such as a dishwasher, or waiter, hostess, or something like that. Nowadays, people resort to prostitution or stripping. Please don’t try and tell me that there isn’t something wrong with that. Don’t get me wrong, I know that those options are not the ONLY options. Plenty of people pay off college with a reputable job, maybe starting their own business, maybe working at an establishment where they could be promoted and get pay raises, try out new things, gain experiences from other cultures, and experiment in an open environment. Well, I fucked up on that one I suppose. Hindsight, yeah, I probably should have just stayed at the well paying job in the big city. Anybody got the time machine? I’ll pay you Friday for a teleport back to two years ago. Yeah..

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