Sleep Of Time

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I know you have answers for everything that is written in the way we seek our days ahead for some grants. For humans it might be healthy treasure of lifeline that grants them peace, joy and hope in their loved life. For others it might be more than fire of knowledge in the days we seek care for all. Howsoever you need some currency that can sell its value for living whomsoever you are. I have addressed this grant in a form expressible in the necessity of our existence. This is a simple talk with trinity who know more why our teacher recited this message at the way every angels speak in our sleep of time. Thanks.

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



Throughout the vacuum of time when you sleep in this dream,

Your journey unseen tells us all this passed denote one currency on the dice,

If you wake from this necessity of existence,

Will you travel endlessly inside an enlightened garland of universal spirit?

Let us come back towards an ocean where we sell some similar happiness for living,

If bread you consume for this price,

Comes from an instrument of the eternal voice,

If wine you drink for this cost,

Comes from an uncertainity of the abundant kindness of love,

One day our teacher send a messenger of the unending grace of light,

Born when our route escape towards a drama where we seek more than any one Earth can sustain,

A question still keeps its shade on the forgotten wheel of space,

While our chariot needs a fuel known as energy,

How can any emptiness of purity feel its grains on this footprint you spent with the life you are given?

An incidence this messenger thought about the fire of knowledge,

As this can only rinse the roots of the mystic tree of existence,

If something burns in the fire of knowledge more than its desire,

Will our freedom of sacrifice let it burn for the shade we are gifted for one heaven on Earth?

God met this messenger in our time we spent some freedom to exercise everything for sustaining every life more in abundant welfare for this planet,

Whatever God can ask is just a quote,

Can you transform your life with this information within the self of eternal energy,

For all human's wanted may seek something all love the same act of kindness how we survive in heaven above?

Our messenger saw the rhythm of heart angels spoken far awakened use this language as a suggestion of its pursuit,

When you come before this mirror of all wellbeing gifted to serve,

Will you embedded this feeling of unselfishness where we will find our place for all that is made for few words of limits?

Angels from heaven told God,

I came from somewhere our teacher give all for sacrifice of kindness,

If everything we build can be saved in time where we cherish our gifts God given for this freedom our race enjoy here,

Can we question anything that is not only man made of creation but willingness came from the energy we light in your soul beyond our existence?

God reasoned I understand your request my favourite stranger,

Yet we cannot seem everything for the only creation I am here,

When you can see sweetness how humans have recoginized this request,

Can you just assist in the way our Earth is made for all sustaining this everlasting ocean of love bonded in this duty visioned in commitments?

God spoke I asked your feeling of all love we can make alive be born just for time as charge is its coin,

Someone here needs to spent this rightly,

How can I alone in heaven leave this in the recycle bin where it doesnt exist for anyone even me?

May be I tell you what my teacher taught our generation,

Your spirit within enlighten the very being why creation gifted love we share for an oneness of all energy we are gifted for the knowledge we seek with time we live today for our hardwork in savings,

My God if you can just answer all my might why I seek this cherished gift from your maker will save us from this hunger?

I am here as my teacher requested you to serve this existence with love you have made rising sun in this planet,

I ask this for those generation ahead,

Let us be granted this lifeline in time where I live now,

"Your wish is granted" Spoke the Queen.

I have written this poem as we feel we are starving for one concept of a heart we dont know how energy love fire of time. I call this as sleep of existence our soul lives and hides in a space called as pure true love. Let us unite for the prayer God has granted for one wish I share now. 

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