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This essay is to give those who feel weak the courage to become strong. Those who feel indecisive to make the decision to be happy.

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



Life such a small word yet has such a monumental meaning. To be alive, to have our hearts pumping, blood flowing, to laugh with friends and family when times are good, shed tears when times are bad.
It is such a great feeling to just be alive, such a privilege to have food in our mouths and a roof over our heads.

?Some of us take too much in life for granted like``Mum will wash my clothes later. She will cook dinner tonight. Will lend me money to go out '' this all said at twenty one years old. When is the right age to grow up, to start taking responsibility ? When is the right time to get a place of your own, feel the struggle of what everyone says is LIFE? Paying bills, rent, food, is this really all life boils down to, one big struggle? The answer to these three questions cant be answered by anyone other than yourself, only you know when your ready to move out, grow up and take responsibility, whether that is at twenty six or sixteen. 

?You can spend four years at college or university, get a degree in business or science and start a career that you think you will be happy in because it pays well and everyone thinks your awesome. You can have all this and be happy but does that mean you need third level education to live life to the fullest. To be successful you need a college degree, the answer is no you don't.  Is the graduate with the big bank account any happier than the man or woman who spends their life pn the road,exploring all life has to offer instead of observing from behind a desk, the answer is that both could be equally as happy. Life is for living so live how you think you will be happy not what will make others happy.

?Do you think that one life is more important than another, because one person may run a country that they have more right to life than someone who runs a small corner shop to keep their family going , the answer is no every life is as important and as meaningful as the next.

?This is being written to tell whoever has the time to take from their busy lives and read it. Whether you are making a million euro business deal or taking step through the countryside of south America to say that live how you want to as long as you are within the law and not how society(family and friends) tells you to.

?The majority of us start off in life with loving parents, some of us with none and some with none, some of us have a different colour of skin, majority with only enough money to get by. A lucky few with millionaire parents. Does any of this make us different, anymore important ? No it doesn't in the sense that we are all living breathing human beings, we all have the same right to live as the person we walk by on the street.

?Where we are born, how much money we have, what education we have doesn't mean life is any less meaningful to us. The meaning of life, the true purpose of it is in the eyes of the beholder.

?Every single on of the  seven point four billion people on this planet have each some difference in how they feel they should live, what they like, who they love, where they go , what their religion is.

No one has the right to say that someone elses life choices are wrong as long as they aren't doing anything illegal.



We are all told, well most of us from a young age that we need to get through school, go to college or university and build a better life for ourselves. Some of us may do that , you may get your degree in finance and spend the next forty yours working the stock market , will you be truly fulfilled and happy|?. Maybe yes, or, no, but does that person have the right to look down their nose at the man or woman who sleeps on streets or a single mother trying to survive week to week with no education, the answer is no that person doesn't have the right to look down on others.

?I am trying to tell young and older people out there to do what makes you happy as long as you are not doing illegal things. Don't become a lawyer because your father is one if you would rather spend the next four years travelling through asia. All that we get to take with us at the end of this experience called life is memories and memories can be made earning millions a year or backpacking with only a few hundred to your name.

?If you are still reading at this point and you are unhappy with your current situation, make a change, take that leap and grasp whatever it is you desire so much. Whether it is you are too reluctant to tell someone how you really feel or you fear rejection , take the leap because you don't get a second  back. Don't turn around in ten years and say I wish I took the chance and went for it. Do it now , live life to the fullest. You may be unhappy because your parents are unhappy with you because you fell pregnant at eighteen but if it makes you happy show them you are. They are only showing their parental instincts tp protect you.

Today too many people are scared to tell who they love or which gender they love. The reason for them being scared is because society tells them they are wrong to feel that way but the truth is society is wrong, no one has the right to tell any other person how to feel.
?Don't be afraid to tell the truth and be happy within yourself no matter if you like men, women or both that is your life no one elses. Be honest with yourself and be happy with yourself  and be honest to others and you will find happiness.

For those of you who would rather focus more time on beating your 5k record than learning algebra because your athletics coach sees you have the talent to go far then go run. Apply this to any sport or hobby you are truly gifted at. You can't turn around in 10 years and say you want to become a champion runner but you can go back to school.

?Don't spend your life worrying about what makes others happy, live your life to make you happy and if the ones that truly care for you see you happy they will be happy for you too. Whoever can't be happy for you don't deserve your time.  Whether you want to start a family young, have 8 children and be a housewife or house husband  or travel the world on a bicycle for the next 10 years then that is your choice.

?Be happy, make memories, enjoy everyday to the fullest, shed tears, laugh, run, walk, cycle , kick, swim, score, study. Do all , some or none of these the choice is yours and yours alone. Use this time to the fullest because we don't get one second back.

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