Welcome to Our Home

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I was feeling angsty about school

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



We welcome you,

One and all,

So come on in

And stand up tall…

But not too tall


You’re welcome to smile and laugh

And sing…

But only to certain things


You’re welcome to wear makeup,

And lip-gloss

And tight clothes…

But not too tight

Or you’ll look like a whore


But if you wear it baggy,

Well, we see you have something to hide


You can like anyone you want,


Break up…

But only if we think it’s okay


You’re welcome

You’re very welcome here

But only if

You follow these rules

Remember though:

You are an individual,

But you’re really not.


You’re beautiful in every way,

But nobody agrees


You’re amazingly smart,

So you’re a nerd.

Those glasses?



What’s that you’re holding?

A book?

You read?

Let me replace that

With this girly magazine.


Do you see this?

It shows you how to lose weight

You want to be thin…

but not too thin.

But if you’re not photo shopped thin…

Well, you’re fat.


We welcome you,

We welcome you

To our society

Our home.

It’s perfect in every which way


We welcome you

We welcome you

Come be yourself,

But remember:

It’s not okay.

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