Here Comes Trouble

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Here he comes. You know it's going to cause a problem but he once was your friend.

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



Here Comes Trouble!


Look up the road, here he comes

The one you don't want to see

You can guarantee that once he arrives

There'll be trouble for you and me.


You can see by his face that he's got a plan

You can be sure he's up to no good

They'll be keeping a watch in all of the shops

And throughout the neighbourhood.


If there's anything around that can cause a mess

By this guy it will be sure to be found

Old food, paint, half drunk cans of beer

He'll happily throw them around.


The tourists he just loves to trip

He'll stick out a foot as they pass

And if one falls or challenges him

You know he will only laugh.


He's the one who will wait while the road is clear

Then will run out in front of a bus

He will shout and jeer at anyone

Who considers even making a fuss.


He'll help himself to a snack in shops

He will never join the back of a queue

If you don't join in with the light fingered touch

He'll put down and vilify you.


It's a nice and quiet residential street

Where he finds his voice to shout

Is it really so very strange

That they view him as such a lout.


You don't want to turn your back on him

He once used to be your friend

If only he'd start holding himself in check

This avoidance you'd happily end.

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