A Reimagined Undertale

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An Undertale world with both Chara and Frisk.

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016




"Don't go near Mt. Ebott. No one ever comes back."

Her voice is always so stern, as if I should just do what I'm told. And why didn't she tell me that sooner? How did I not know about this until now? All this time I could've avoided annoying humans. I could have avoided it all. The useless conversations, the pointless friends, even my meaningless life. My mother has always been a time-waster and now I despise her more than ever. I will come back. Only after I've achieved what I have always desired. Just the thought of having immense power fills me with determination. My mothers next question snaps me back to reality.

"Are you mad at me now?" Her eyes are searching me for an answer.

"How many humans have even gone to Mt. Ebott. Last time I heard about a disappearence was six years ago." (I should have investigated) My mother puts her hands on her hips, clearly frustrated with me.

"Chara! You will not go to that mountain! Do you understand?"

"I sure do."

She looks at me for a good five seconds before walking away. She always knows how to annoy me, how to get under my skin. It doesn't matter anymore though, I'm leaving. This little village can suffer without me. I turn and start walking. Behind me is a vast, grassy field. Houses are lined next to each other each made of different types of wood. And in front of me, what I'm walking towards, is the famous Mt. Ebott. Said to abduct anyone who dares to enter.

"Please abduct me" I think. And suddenly I hear a call from the village. Not my mothers, but my 'friend'. I know exactly who it is. He struggles to reach me, heavy breathes following heavy footsteps. I turn around to face him.

"Man! I'm so used to helping out around the village that I hardly ever have the time to run." The boy smiles and giggles, rubbing or itching the back of his head.

"So how are you Chara? Going on an adventure?"

"Leave me alone Frisk. This doesn't involve you." His smile fades away.

"Oh, I'm sorry for intruding. You just hardly ever leave so I was hoping to tag along with you." I don't bother to say anything else and turn around. After walking for awhile, the mountain has really grown in both width and height. It's almost demeaning, like the mountain holds power over everything. And then I start hearing those same footsteps, and those same heavy breathes. Anger immediately rises within me.

"Chara wait! You're not going to the mountain right?" I keep walking and make sure to keep a distance from him. Any time I hear his footsteps quicken so do mine.

"We're not supposed to go there ya know..." The last part of his sentence trails off, as if he's experienced something traumatic from this. And that made me snap for some reason. I turn around, walk up to Frisk, and punch his face. Anger is boiling inside of me, it has been for quite some time. And not just from Frisk but from everything. He seems astonished. Like he couldn't have predicted that in a million years.

Confusion has completely washed over Frisk.

"I don't know why it's so hard Chara. I just have to be helping others, it's what I do." He shrugs as blood starts oozing from his left nostril. 

"I don't need any help Frisk, now leave me alone or I'll punch you again."

I turn around once more, ready to embrace whatever is waiting for me. The mountain seems like it's waiting, it's eagerness being whispered with the wind. The way the leaves shake, the way trees dance, it all feels so ominous. As I start walking the wind picks up even more. It pushes and pulls in every direction, making my clothes whip around in a frenzy. To be honest I'm glad that I don't wear skirts, even if Frisk wasn't still close. That thought makes me turn around and he's just standing there. Staring at me. Not even his usual smile is present and with the sudden pickup in wind his presence is threatening. Threatening? I force myself to keep walking, counting the distance with each step.

Eventually I reach the base of the mountain. It took half a day and dusk should be here anytime soon. I went up a path at the base. I'm honestly not too sure where to go or what to do. Figured may as well go up a path. Everything here is so green and golden flowers have over-populated; almost every step I take is another gold flower squished. It thoroughly amazes me that from a distance this place actually looks green. A vibrant green too, something so popping you wouldn't expect anything else. Suddenly I stumble upon a cave opening. Rocks and boulders are protruding from the earth in an odd way. It's so dark inside that I can't tell what's even in there, or how big it is. The thought that I could be the first person to discover this fills me with determination. With that I walk inside the cave. Or at least what I thought was a cave. Instead, I walk into a hole, sending me down to whatever lies below.

"The mountain really did abduct me!" I scream, with joy flooding through me.

Chapter 1 - Once Upon A Time
One square room. Dimly lit and cold with no one but a single unconscious human. She lay asleep in a bed of golden flowers, each petal glowing brightly and intensely. 
One hallway extends from the peculiar room, at the end of it a doorway stands proud and wide. With no doors and unique patterns the doorway definitely stands out from others. The hole that leads into the square room is so dark anyone would not be able to find it, if they even knew about it. The room almost seems as if it's stuck in time, the walls and ground so black that even a shade lighter would be a very noticeable difference. And finally, the girl awakes. However, she did not awake to an empty dark room. She awoke to unlimited possibilities, a new life. The dangerous girl stands up, brushing herself off. Exhilaration has entirely flooded our main character and she darts down the eerie hallway. The unique designs catch her eye as she runs through the doorway. And just like the last room, she finds herself in another dark room. At the end is the same doorway as before. In the center is one golden flower. And it is not shining. It's slumped over itself, defeated in every aspect. Chara strolls over, and notices a wooden stick laying next to the odd flower. As soon as she picks it up the flower springs to life, two eyes and a mouth covering the ovary. Instead of jumping back, or even being confused, Chara inches closer and sits. With her knees under her and the flower only a few feet away, it seems baffled. It stares wide-eyed as Chara impatiently plays with her newfound weapon. Swinging it a few times for good measure. And finally the girl can't take the silence any longer.
"I know you're a monster. I've heard about your species from my grandmother. She says you're all stuck underground."
"Well hi, I'm Flowey. Flowey the flower! You don't seem to have manners so why don't I show you how it works in the underground?"
The flower shakes itself and five small white pellets appear and raise to the air.
"Now, try and gather all the friend pellets!"
Each small bullet starts cruising very slowly towards Chara but she knows better. The girl stands up, switching the stick to her dominant hand. And without another word she whacks Flowey. When hit, all the pellets  drop to the ground.
"Agh! Why did you do that? You're supposed to gather the bullets!"
Flowey shakes himself one more time, sending another five at Chara.
Our main character can't help but laugh for the situation is ridiculous to her. She hits Flowey three more times.
This time she notices something, she feels herself grow stronger. Like drinking cold water on an empty stomach.
"Stupid human! What are you doing!?" And with that the evil flower disappears, burrowing into the ground.
"I wasn't dying silly."
Chara smiles as she progresses through the peculiar doorway. The next room is astonishing, a light purple almost everywhere. Everything seems to be made from a kind of brick. A brick you might perhaps find on a different planet. A square pillar to the left and right. And at the end of the room, stairs lead up to yet another door-less doorway. The room seems to be simple. Chara notices a strange golden light just before the stairway, twinkling and almost breathing. As it grows small and large, the girl approaches it. Immediately she's enveloped in a bright golden array. Two words appear in front of our main character, continue or reset. For the first time ever, Chara is happy. More than content. She puts her hand through 'continue' and suddenly the underground is present again. At that moment, it all clicked for our main character. And she was an entirely different person because of it.
*the shadow of the ruins looms above, filling Chara with determination.*
"I wonder if all monsters want to kill me" the girl says aloud. She then shrugs and progresses up the stairs, through the doorway.
Humming most of the way, our main character progresses through multiple rooms. Most were similar and Chara started noticing how small the ruins actually were. She suspected an end to them soon. Eventually a room full of spikes presented itself, blatantly stating a no-pass rule. The ruins is a place of puzzles and mystery, even Chara knew as such. She shuffled back into the previous room searching for signs or hints. A board had been situated just outside of the spike room; only a few letters still hung up. Cracks and rot had become one with the ancient board. While the girl was analyzing all of that a creature had entered the room, hopping. It resembled a frog mostly, with only a few out of place features. About two feet tall, completely white, and odd patterns on the Froggit's chest. At first it stared at Chara, probably a good five seconds, and then it hopped closer. Mainly curiousity for it has never seen a creature like Chara. Or perhaps it has, a strong sense of nostalgia and superstition start replacing curiousity. And then Chara turns around.
She grips her wooden stick, ready to attack. However, the Froggit does not attack. Instead, it's battling its own emotions. Battling the uncanny.
"You know little froggy, this place is magical. You can be anything you want down here. And I know what I want. I just have to cross that spikey room over there. You wouldn't know how to get past it right?" At this moment Chara smiles. A vicious and horrendous smile that almost seems to suck all life away around it. The Froggit does not understand a single word that was just spoken. And with battling the emotions inside, it decides to hop away. Luckily it had its back turned when it happened. Chara struck a blow to the innocent creature, vanquishing it to complete and utter dust.
"Interesting... So even if I strike something from behind my soul still decides to present itself." Our main character then continues searching the room, a pile of dust resting peacefully.
Every human has a soul. And when a human goes into battle their soul presents itself. It normally has the shape of a heart and the color changes with each human. Most monsters do not have a soul for certain qualities must be present within the being. Just then the girl finds a rusted switch. After a little while of tugging, all the spikes retreat into the ground like hedgehogs. Chara progesses on, fighting and killing monsters.
Everyone was engaging our main character except one particular individual. It was watching her pass the ruins tests, watching her destroy his own species. Or perhaps he wasn't a part of that. A ghost that does not feel human nor monster could only spectate and nothing more. He wondered if he should warn anyone. The look in the girl's eye, the way she smiled when others would start a fight. Everything about her whispered tones of devastation and destruction. But who would the ghost warn? He was, and always had been, completely alone. Too conflicted over emotions Nabstablook floated away. Or at least he tried to. He paused mid-air for one last look at Chara, and that settled it. One lonely ghost swooped down to battle one lonely human.
At first she did not know why her soul presented itself but after turning around the answer became clear. The ferocious girl did not smile as she could see through the being. And with that the being attacked, floating to the air, crying. His tears rained upon Chara and she accepted them completely. She even extended her arms outward. Our main character did not know this was an attack until it was too late. The white tears downpoured onto Chara, at first dealing damage and then taking her life. She screamed in pure agony as the see-through liquid melted through both clothes and flesh. Only pain was accompaning agony and soon unconsciousness found its way to such a burdened girl.
Golden light, so many arrays of yellow and orange. Floating or standing, nothing about rooms or walls exist. Only two words. Continue and reset.
*The glowing and almost breathing light is twinkling and illuminating; one unfinished fight still remained filling Chara with determination*. And then a hand went through continue. The world of the ruins was once more. And an angry girl wanted revenge. She bolted up the stairs and through the other rooms. Soon, an astonished white figure was floating above her. And then her soul, a ravaged crimson presented itself. She is ready, she is ready.
Chapter 2 - Your best and worst Friend
"I don't need any help Frisk, now leave me alone or I'll punch you again."
With that she started walking away. It's amazing how independent she is. Even when we were kids it seemed like she wanted nothing to do with me. That, I understand about Chara. What she doesn't understand about me is that I can never turn my back on someone. Especially with her wanting to explore that mountain. When has she ever wanted to explore though? I just feel like I'm missing something. Wait a second... Has she heard the rumor of the mountain? She wants to disappear?! How could she want that? How could she want to leave her family? Loneliness and pain fill me entirely as I know what's going to happen. I just cannot leave Chara alone though. I'll wait for her to enter the mountain, then go after her. I turn around to have my last sight of such a peaceful and subtle village. Guilt, pain, so much is flooding through me. It feels like I can't even move. My family, Teresa, Joe, Mark, Aaron, everyone... I will never see them again. Turning back around I notice the wind has picked up considerably and Chara has traveled a decent distance. Suddenly, she is facing me. And I can't hear the wind, I can't feel it. I cannot even read her expression. The air around is entirely supercharged with an emotion I cannot describe. Something so mysterious isn't just felt on an every day basis. And just as expected, she grits her teeth and continues toward the ominous mountain.
The rest of the evening went quicker than I thought it would. After some time the ferocious wind calmed down and a beautiful sunset followed it. Vibrant reds accompanied by soft oranges and dull pinks. And something about watching day turn into night filled me with determination to find and help Chara. Feeling almost well-rested I started for the mountain, for my friend. I can't help but feel bad though. Everyone must be worried about Chara and I. Probably wondering where we disappeared to. And without my help will everyone else be ok? The sick, the elderly... even my family. Suddenly I can't walk anymore. It's like I'm in the midst of two worlds. And both are pulling at me, beckoning for me to join. I thought my mind was made up, my motives and emotions clear. Yet here I am, standing between the two worlds. Okay just try to calm down. Think rationally.
One deep breath. Another. The people in the village have each other. Chara is and will be alone.
I continue on.
This mountain is really gorgeous and I'm pretty bummed I can't take it all in. I have heard the stories of how the sun almost shines off of every flower. How it's supposedly a golden heaven. Some people think that's why others will rarely disappear, that they descend to heaven. I'm currently following Chara's footprints, or at least I think so. There's just a path through the golden flowers. I absoluetly love all of these flowers so I'm trying really hard not to squish any. This path is so small though. I laugh out loud because I don't think I've ever concretrated so hard on the ground. Maybe it's the yellow mountain, or perhaps the crisp night air, but the farther I walk the more content I feel. A gentle whisper of wind certainly seems to agree. And just as suddenly as they started, the beautiful flowers come to an abrupt end. I think there's still footprints so I progress forward. The back of my neck starts to hurt from looking down so much. I have to stare straight down for the most part though. If I don't find Chara then she really will be alone. Something seems off suddenly; the night air seems to have disappeared.
I look up to see nothing but definite black.
And just when I regret my last footstep is when it happens.
I fall hopelessly to whatever lies in wait for me.
An open expanse of darkness and stars. Yet something so pulling and exhilirating lies within the darkness. Everything from within screams for the probably never-ending black. And then I turn around.
Every version of blue and green spreads and stretches, forming a planet. Gigantic thriving forests, with vibrant full-of-life colors. Glittering and gleaming ocean water, ranging from the darkest to lightest of all blues.
Everything from this planet feels like home; as if I've been here for centuries and centuries. Plus it pulls at me as well, my being already lining with the earth. Suddenly I'm thrust towards home, gradually increasing out of control; fire is the only thing that fills all of my senses. No pain, then eventually no sound.
I connect with ground. And only a gentle nuzzle into grass greets me.
One boy awakes in the dimly lit room. The golden flowers are still glowing ever so brightly, almost waiting for a human to fall on them.
?Immediately a revelation creeped onto the divergent boy, slowly crawling up his legs and ending with a final plunge into his head.
?All of the stories, no, legends were true. Monsters really had been banished and living underground all this time. And poor Frisk didn't even know what caused something so tragic, so horrible. Or what someone could even do to deserve such punishment.
?Just like that, Frisk felt the weight of such a burden. It was he, his race that did this.
?Although it deeply affected him, his bond and compassion for the creatures below grew immensely. Feeling heavy and weak, Frisk gradually picked himself up. He then leaves behind one somber room.
?And almost right away another single flower awaits him. Only this one is different. Hunched over in a defeated sort of way, it has obvious rips indicting it has taken damage.
?The young boy curiously walks over and kneels down to get a better look.
?"Poor flower, why would someone hurt you?"
?Frisk almost pokes him before Flowey decides to lift himself up.??
"Oh I'm sorry! I didn't realize you were a person!"
Immediately distance is made but the flower is very conflicted. Just in case, he burrows away but Frisk blames himself once again and trudges on. It isn't until the boy has reached purple brick and and a strange golden light does he remember. That he can't let his sorrow and burdens distance himself from the monsters. Continue, press on.



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