Exo Fight Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Beginning

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



Every 10 years, the world enters a war. This war decides who gets to reign supreme over the various colonies on Earth. After the Great War of 2032 ended in 2045, it was decided by the newly created World Council that fighting was the answer. As weird as it sounded, they decided on a fighting tournament between all of the countries. The first tournament was held in 2050.


At first, it was a no holds barred fight. Fighters could use any weapons, except for firearms, and would fight until the other would be incapacitated but not dead. The ref would step in and call the match. Most were formally trained fighters but many countries used prisoners. Eventually, things were changed in order to prevent that, and that system only lasted for two tournaments.


Two years before the fight, a separate tournament for each country is held to determine which fighter, or fighters (each country may enter up to 3 in the final tournament), will represent their country in the tournament. Instead of traditional martial arts, the fighters use high-tech exoskeletons, kind of like mech suits but closer to battle armor. These suits are made to certain specifications, with a basic frame being given to each fighter, but also can be customized with weapons and accessories to make each one different. In the beginning, the suits were extremely clunky but technology improved over time to make them what they are now.


After the preliminary tournament, there is a one year training period. At that time, the fighters may travel around the world and fight each other in unsanctioned fights. Only real rule is that fighters may not kill each other. There may be some changes with the exoskeletons for performance but there may not be a change in exoskeleton unless approved by the Council. This training period is ultimately used to weed out the weaker individuals.


After that one year period, the remaining fighters meet in the capitol of the defending country for a multi-stage tournament. Each combatant will be paired up with another one at random. The winner of that fight moves onto the next round. This is done until only six remain. Once down to 6 fighters, the final round can begin. The defending country automatically is entered in the last round. This is a battle royal where the remaining 6 fighters go at it until only the winner is left.


The current ruler over the world is Great Britain. They have won the first three tournaments under the exoskeleton system, with two different fighters because the first one dying of injuries sustained in the final round of his second tournament. His name is James Henry. He is now 30 years old, Caucasian, 5 9 ½, 185 lbs. He has very short black hair that is starting to grey with a widows peak, brown eyes and his ears are pierced.


His exoskeleton is the King. It is a standard exoskeleton frame to fit James' body but dressed to look like a stereotypical king. In all honesty it looks like the king on a regular playing card. Its weapons are two SIG-Sauer P226R handguns with special rounds, a cavalry sword and knuckle dusters. It was ahead of its time with its lightweight frame and easy maneuverability.


Now it is time to decide the new ruler of Earth. A new power has entered the fray as far as technology goes. The United States have worked on their new frame and every fighter participating in the tournament will be using a similar frame as the Brits. Each State will be sending a fighter into the preliminary tournament and the US as a whole will be sending in the full three fighters they are allowed. Most States will try and base their exoskeleton around their State.


Some fighters don't like that. One in particular is Jason Wilson, representing Missouri. His grandfather was a developer, and first representative of the US under the exoskeleton system, of the exoskeletons. Jason is a Caucasian, small framed 5 8 ½, 165 lbs. He has medium length dirty blonde hair, brown eyes with freckles all over his body. He always wears a red and black jumpsuit with an alligator on the back. He will be Missouri's representative in the preliminary tournament but will not be using the exoskeleton that the Missouri government wanted him to.


Jason walks into a large room inside of Missouri's Exoskeleton Research Facility. The room is made of white brick with computers and a couple of tables with some exoskeleton frames on them. There is another, large, exoskeleton with some metal made to look like leather on it and some horns on the head near the back of the room. It is hooked up to an apparatus that allows the engineers to work on it. There are three other people also in the room.


“Hey there Jim,” Jason says, directing his voice towards a middle aged African-American male wearing gray coveralls, black work boots and black leather gloves.


Jim turns around, “Hey there Jason. What brings you here?”


“Wanted to see how my new exoskeleton was coming,” Jason looks around, “so where is it?”


“Didn't they tell you?”


Jason squints his eyes, “Tell me what?”


“That you will be using that steer suit in the back.”


Jason laughs, “Like hell I will.”


Jim sets his wrench down, “Look Jason, I know you are not happy about using that thing but rules are rules.”


Jason walks to the back of the room and examines the exoskeleton, “This thing is way too over sized for me. Even with the new frame, this thing was meant for someone much bigger than me. You put me in this and I am a sitting duck.”


“Well what do you have in mind?”


Jason laughs and pulls a sheet of paper out of his pocket. He lays it down on the nearest table, “This.”


Jim's eyes open wide and then looks at Jason, “Wow. Did you design this?”


“Yep. I know it is a rough sketch but it fits all of my needs. It is basic in design but it is complex with how it works. It is lightweight, has plenty of weapons and a state of the art communication system that my company has been working on. I can communicate with my engineer up to ten miles with it.”


“OK but the tournament is in a month. You can't seriously think we can build this thing in that period. We are time crunched on the other one.”


“So you are OK with this?”


“Yes but again time is a problem here,” Jim then starts walking in circles.


“Time won't be a problem.”


Jim stops and gives Jason a dirty look, “What do you mean?”


Jason starts walking away but stops and turns to Jim, “Well, I kind of already have it built. It is just missing a couple of components that, unfortunately, the World Council won't let my company have. I just wanted your OK on it before I brought it in.”


Jim starts laughing, “Jason, you never cease to amaze me. You really are from the same tree as your grandfather.”


“I get that a lot,” Jason says walking out the door.

Jim runs to the door, “Where are you going?”


“To get the exoskeleton. Time is of the essence here. The parts that the thing is missing are going to not only need to be put in place but I also want to test the thing.”


“OK. Just leave me the parts list and I will get them ready,” Jim says, grabbing a sheet of lined paper from a table.


Jason writes the parts list and hands it to Jim, “Here you go.”


Jim looks at the list, “Now I see why you need my shop.”


“I will be back in a couple of hours with the exoskeleton,” Jason says, heading out the door.




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