The chronicle of a good man

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I woke up to a alarm going off and eight years old screaming for her mommy..Asia nudged me and said go see what she screaming about. .she's calling for you babe i said i am trying to get a extra couple minutes...mommy mommy she screamed again.
Let me get up she said
Naw babe i will go just rest
Why you screaming little girl i asked I want mommy where is mommy she's in the bed now what wrong you can tell daddy..
I want mommy she starts crying
Okay let's me go get her i said
By then Asia came in the room
Here i am now what wrong with you imani
Imani just hug her
Nightmares again she asked imani
Yes ma'am
It's going to be okay baby
You want to go the park and get ice cream after school
Yes ice cream she said okay but daddy gonna take you to school today
Noo you always take me
I know but mommy got a doctor appointment this morning so let me go butter up your daddy so he can take you to school and you young lady go brushes your teeth and i will come back help you get dressed and we can go downstairs and cook you and daddy some breakfast okay
Okay mommy.
I am standing in the bathroom trying to fix my tie. Asia comes in and wraps her arms around my waist. She squeezes me tight. I pull her around towards me. We kiss like newlyweds. I never want to stop holding her taking in her smell. , but I know I have to or we both will be late for work. I let her go reluctantly and she fixes my tie. I get a good look at her. She is a beautiful brown skin, a few inches short of me. She is still in her night gown wearing my favorite color black. Her hair is ruffled from our night of passionate sex. She finishes fixing my tie, pats my chest, and walk out the bathroom with a smile. I love to see Asia smile. God how lucky I am to have her. I head down stairs in the kitchen where I see my wife finishing cooking breakfast for me and Imani . I grab my coffee mug and kiss her passionately again. You would think we would have got tired of each other. We have been married for 15 years and still totally in love. I hear Imani laugh.
What’s on the agenda today? I ask my wife. Going to the doctor’s office today to see about these headaches, she says. Good I tell her. I kiss my wife again and Imani. I tell them both I love them and head to work. Wait !! Asia said i need you to take Imani to school i forget the appointment was this morning you know i am going to be late for work i said with a quick response she said . ...nergo you own part of the company she said You right still love you thou i said and hose where the last words I will say to my wife. As i dropped Imani off to school i tell her you know mommy gonna pick you up and i will see you soon i get home and you know i love you daddy as she exits the car i watch her walking into the school with her i pulled off my phone is ringing my sister who is police officer asked where was i at i said i just drop off Imani at school why what's up something happened to but you need to get here now....get where i said .. a long pause then she start crying at Charlotte and Whites Ridge it's Asia she been in a bad car wreck and they say she not breathing...i know my baby nothing made her cry unless its serious as i dodge through traffic and got to the scene i see Asia body on ground as paramedics try to do CPR on her no pulse i hear one said that then i know she was gone..i couldn't watch as they put the white sheet over her i wanted to walk away but i hear one of them say that's the sister walk with me as they talk to we are sorry we did everything we sadness turn numb as i walked away then i all keep saying was i need to get Imani i need to get Imani round that time i didn't notice my middle sister pulled she said i go get Imani you need to go some where to rest ..I'll take over moms house my baby sister said...naw i will drive over there i said. .well i am going to follow you so i know you made it safe...ok i i pulled up to my moms house she comes out and hugs...You know she love you and she know you love her and this is not the end y'all will see each other again i promise my moms said and still in a daze i keep think why her as the news spread i got calls from family and friends especially my boys they all came we sat in the livings older sister pulled up at the same time my middle sister with Imani..she ran straight to me crying i asked my middle sister did you tell her she said no. I told the school the situation..and she figured something was wrong when i started crying in the car.i told Imani in a room alone and told her that mommy won't be coming back she asked why i said she had was in a deadly accidents and got hurt real bad ..shes dead she asked as i started to cry i said yes she gonna for good....then she just start cried until she fell asleep crying in my arms. moms asked are you going to be okay i said yeah i just need to go to house...naw you need to stay here with family my mom said mom i am just going to get some stuff Imani. ..boy that girl is fine and let her sleep and you need to get some rest your self and tomorrow we go to your house get
Some stuff for Imani i said okay i laid down but could sleep i check on Imani she was still sleep i went into the kitchen my sisters was talking did she tell him oldest sister said i don't think so my baby sister. .my sister did Asia tell why she wasn't going to doctor i said yeah for oldest sister said naw that's what she wanted you to believe...she was pregnant and wanted to make sure she was so she made a doctor appointment she wanted to surprise you did y'all know i asked my middle sister said come on she was our fourth wheel she told us last week ...numb and now i can't believe this...Asia you are special that all i keep saying. Imani finally woke up i asked her was she hungry she said no but my mom talk her into eating something...i am scared she said..dont be scared baby your mommy is always with you even though you can't see her remember she is with her and you will see her again my moms said to hear while holding Imani in her arms....the next few days was harder for both of us i had to view the body and fill out paperwork for the funeral and insurance on top making sure Imani is okay...thank God for my sisters and my moms for helping me to get things in order and getting my house straight i wasn't ready yet to pack Asia things up but i knew the funeral was in a couple days...the more i looked around and saw her stuff the more tears stars to fall. My mom ask are you okay i said yeah i am going to be okay. I went back to my moms to check on Imani and to clear my mind...the day of funeral i knew i had to be strong and it's was the first time would see her mother since she was alive or maybe she shouldn't as my sisters have a discussion if Imani should go to the funeral or not...she doesn't need to see her mother like that y'all wanted to give that baby nightmares my baby sister said...i think she can handle it my oldest sister said ...i got her my moms said as she listens to them...Imani baby come here my moms said do you want to go the funeral or you want to stay here...stay here i am scared ok it settles my moms said i keep her for the funeral but we can take her to the gravel site...knock at the doors it's the funeral director let's us know they are here as friends and family members pulled up we all got in the limousine i keep taking deep breaths in and out, in and out we wait as the church starts to fill up middle sister preach a good services and Asia friends and coworkers and classmates told funny stories about her some i knew and other i didn't but they all said the samething they always made you feel special...yeah that was my Asia she always had a smile for me after the funeral we had back to my moms house and some family members was there they hug and kiss me and told me to be strong for Imani...Imani was by my moms side this little girl haven't left my side since y'all been gone...i doubt she will i said after a long night ...Imani do want to stay here or go home. ..stay here she said... ok i am heading home my moms you sure yeah i said just stay here for one more night my moms we got to go the graveyard tomorrow and i got to get my other suite i will be fine and i be early in the morning to get Imani dressed as i kiss her on the cheeks.. you sure baby she said yeah plus i need to sleep in my bed. The day after the burIals i got up extra early and talk to God about helping me to get my life back in order and what a ride it would become..for the next two years i was just focuses on Imani school and make sure she was okay wasn't thinking about dating especially no relationship and i wasn't still ready to pack Asia things's just me and Imani and i was happy until that night i drink too much and the truth came out.
It’s been two years and I still struggle with the loss of my wife.
I started asking questions I didn’t know the answer to. How can I move forward? How can I move forward? Why would God be so cruel and take the one thing I loved. So for the last couple weeks I been drinking at night after I put my daughter to sleep and say her prayers. This one night I was taking shots or two or three until I was just drinking out the bottle. I had my IPod playing and start singing. I guess the more I drink the louder I got with my singing. I started to feel angry; asking those same questions again. I guess I got angrier with no response to why my wife left me or how do I move on. I end up throwing the bottle at the wall and the sound of the bottle breaking against the wall woke up Imani . I start crying uncontrollably. I couldn’t control the tears flowing down my face. I’m a man and men do not cry. I was angrier than anything. I started blaming God for letting Asia die. I was yelling now. What am i doing to do then I turned around and saw Imani My daughter came over and hugged me. I hugged her back crying telling her I’m sorry. My daughter told me she misses her too. This is the night I found the strength to move on. My daughter told me she had a dream about her mother and her mother told her its going to be okay i look at her and i kiss her and yes it will..she asked wil i have another mommy or its just going be u and matter i am happy but if i do get a new mommy i hope she beautiful and smart and fun like my i sat there on the floor with a confused look on my face all i could say me too....

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