Two looks at an aspirin bottle

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Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



The first look comes as my eyes glaze over the contents of my cabinet, merely acknowledging its presence. An ordinary look that I pay is several times a day. 

The second look makes me think of the harm and help that bottle can do. One or two and it'd cure my headache. Three and four and I could walk on a sprained ankle. The whole bottle? The second look at an aspirin bottle has me pondering the pain I would be in at choking each of those white, perfect tablets down at once. The pain as my body tried to fight the narcotics. Or would there be no pain. And would it be like falling asleep and dreaming of a work where no one oppresses me for my opinions and no one berates me for small, insurmountable, or mundane acts. A world I could actually stay in. 

In the end it is fear that keeps me tethered. Not love or hope or compassion, but rather another dark and melancholy emotion. I am full to the brim with darkness and cloudy sadness. I am full to the brim with hate of myself. So I look thrice to the aspirin bottle, and I reach.

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