Dreaming it keep's you alive

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Living in a fantasy world

Submitted: June 15, 2016

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Submitted: June 15, 2016



I haven’t written any humor stories lately because I have been working on a book. It’s a book that contains two separate murders and I have come to understand that murder mysteries really can’t have much humor if any in the story.  That has been hard for me so I did add a few funny moments in my book. I have sent my book to 4 publishers and 3 agents. Two agents have said thanks but no thanks and I have not heard back from any of the publishers yet. I am expecting reactions from them as “Wow outstanding book and here is an advance of Seven hundred thousand dollars.” The other option is ‘Don’t quit your day job and please no more submission’s.” Time will tell how this all turns out and I am sure I will be keeping my day job.

It’s fun to fantasize at any age. Never trying anything new can only lead to boredom and who wants that.  I keep hoping that I can become an author that folks enjoy reading be it humor or mysteries.  I began fantasying at a young age. I wanted to be a Broadway star for a while. I did sing in a rock and roll band so almost, well maybe not almost more like sort of. Then I wanted to be an actress but standing in front of a camera didn’t work out so well as no sound would come out of my mouth once the camera started rolling. Then there was my real estate career. Finally showing people houses and making their dreams come true. So rewarding except that I would feel guilty and talk them out of buying the house of their dreams because I knew they really couldn’t afford it and down the road they would lose it.  It was time for me to move on to something new. How about a shop with greeting cards, balloons and just plain cute stuff? A gift store that’s the ticket. That was not the ticket, so back to the fantasy board.

I am starting to run out of fantasy’s but not dreams. It’s the dreams and the desire of wanting something fresh and new that keeps me going into another day. It’s the hope in my heart to see what new adventure a new day can bring and the love of living that I get to enjoy every day.

Running out of fantasies isn’t really so bad, I have nice memories to reflect on and a life I have enjoyed.  Best wishes to all on this site and I hope your dreams come true. Keep up your writing and your creativity tomorrow could be your big day.  Well I guess very day we get here on earth is a big day.


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